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The place where happiness meets ambition. Experienced expats help you to achieve your desired life and work environment. Get settled, meet friends and help others.

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What is the community?

Mundialz is a global community of like-minded expats providing each other on-the-ground knowledge and support about living and working abroad. The Mundialz community helps talented jobseekers to become Mundialz – enabling them to make informed career and lifestyle decisions.

We know moving abroad is a big step. The world has many opportunities, so what is the best career decision for you? Which place is best? And what is the local culture like?

What can the community do for you?

As an international jobseeker, through Mundialz you can contact experienced expats living and working in the location of your interest. These local expats have the knowledge and experience about all the location specific customs, best places to live and how to get around and build a social life. They are motivated to share you the honest local perspective, helping you make the best decision for you.

How does it work?

Plain and simple.

Select a local Mundial you feel connected with and send a brief message about your plans and questions. You might end up having a coffee together in a few weeks’ time!

Mundialz in the Netherlands

Test Engineer at ASML
Eindhoven - Netherlands

My name is Jamie, I have been living and working in Eindhoven as a Test Engineer for ASML since 2016.

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Alessandro ,
Lead Seismic Structural Engineer
Amsterdam - Netherlands

Hi! My name is Alessandro and I am a Senior seismic structural engineer, working at Arup in Amsterdam. I have lived in Amsterdam since July 2013 and I am still enjoying it.

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David S,
Automation Engineer
Amsterdam - Netherlands

Hi! My name is David and I am an Automation engineer. I live in Alkmaar since February 2014 when I decided together with my wife that it will be exciting to have some European experience and we are still here.

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Software Developer
Eindhoven - Netherlands

Hi my name is Mohamed and I’m a software designer at Philips Healthcare. I live in Eindhoven since June 2016. I’m a Mundial and happy to be part of the high tech and innovation to drive the future.

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System Performance Engineer
Eindhoven - Netherlands

Hi my name is Edwin, I qualified as an Electronic Engineer and have been working and living in Eindhoven since late 2016, I currently work at ASML and I’m enjoying a good balanced work life.

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Mundialz in Ireland

David B,
Quality Engineer
Cork - Ireland

Hello, I’m David and I am a Quality Engineer, currently working at Depuy Synthes in Ringaskiddy, near Cork, in Ireland. I’m living here since January 2017 and it has been an incredible experience so far.

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Vinko ,
Electrical Engineer
Cork - Ireland

Hi! My name is Vinko and I am an electrical engineer, currently working at EPS Ltd in Mallow Co. Cork. I arrived in Mallow in March 2019.

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Mundialz in Switzerland

Senior Software Engineer
Zurich - Switzerland

Hi! My name is Fernando and I am an software engineer, currently working at ABB in Turgi. I have lived in Zurich since July 2015 and I am still enjoying it.

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Mundialz in Germany

Consultant Glass Technology
Dusseldorf - Germany

Hello, my name is Luuk and I’m an Aerospace Engineer specialized in Fluid Dynamics. I’m working in Eindhoven and live in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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