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About France

France is the largest country in the EU stretching across 643,801 square kilometres. It is also the second-largest economy, after Germany. France has long been popular with tourists due to its rich history and culture and is fast becoming a hotspot for expats looking. Expats are drawn here by the strong economy and job prospects, but also for the lifestyle. Living costs are low compared to other EU countries, while the quality of living is very high. There is a charmingly relaxed pace to life. France is a land where shops close on a Sunday, the lunches are long, and the wine is cheap! Getting around the country is easy using the high-speed rail networks, the largest and most efficient on the continent. The autoroutes also allow you to get from the snowy Alps to the sunny Mediterranean coast in a matter of hours.

International Attitude

Out of the 66.4 million-strong population, 2.2 million live in the nation’s capital, Paris. Paris is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in France for expats as it is so internationally orientated. Many international companies are located outside of the capital in smaller municipalities such as Nancy, where costs are lower, and space isn’t an issue. The major industries in France are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aerospace and automobile production. Rapid growth in these industries has caused a skill shortage and multinational companies are recruiting from outside of the country. 4.3 million expats are living in France, attracted by the competitive job market. French is the main language and the people are famously protective of it. While you will find most people able to speak English, if you learn even a little French it will go a long way with the locals.


The sheer size of France makes it difficult to describe the lifestyle of the whole country. The sophisticated city chic of Paris, the laid-back beach life on the South coast, to quaint little country villages in the Dordogne. France has it all. The one thing they all have in common is food!  French gastronomy is renowned the world over and was awarded UNESCO status in 2010 as a result. Living in France means accessing a luxurious world of wine, cheese and patisserie. The great work-life balance will allow you plenty of free time to explore this beautiful country and enjoy all it has to offer. There are countless festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from freedom to lemons! The three most famous being, Bastille Day in Paris, the Cannes Film Festival and Mardi Gras in Nice. Experience the joie de vivre of living in France.

Sports and Recreation

Life in France for foreigners really depends on where you choose to live. As France is so large the landscape and climate vary widely. The pastimes differ just as much. The French like to keep fit, but gyms are not as popular as in other countries. They like to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Beaches and surfing in the South, winter sports in the Alps, walking and cycling in Alsace or the Loire valley. Popular spectator sports include football (of course) and rugby. Cycling also has a special place in the heart of the Frenchman. The annual cycling race, Le Tour de France, is one of the most important sporting events in the calendar. You will also find the slower-paced game of jeu de boules or pétanque being played in every town and village in France.


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