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Ingersoll Rand

About Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand are an enormous American company involved in industrial manufacturing. They stretch over 60 countries and employ more than 52,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Ireland, they have manufacturing facilities in every country in Europe, including Nancy in France, Asia and the US. They are one of the largest and most successful companies in the entire world, securing a place in the Fortune 500 and the Dow Jones index since 2010. Their annual revenue was more than $15.7 billion in 2018. They specialise in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art HVAC systems, automation systems, transportation and even domestic handheld tools. Ingersoll Rand, together with their many subsidiary brands such as Thermo King, Trane and Club Car, have a global reputation for quality and reliability and their products are used in every industrial sector all over the planet.

History and Mission

The company was created in 1905 when the rival drill companies of Ingersoll Sergeant and the Rand Drill corporation joined forces. Beginning with mining, they quickly expanded their product range into tools, security, refrigeration and vehicles. Their business model has always been based on diversification and innovation, promoting steady growth. This gigantic company has been involved in many famous important engineering projects such as the creation of Mount Rushmore, the Panama Canal and the Hoover dam. Today, their chilling systems are used to provide round-the-clock cooling in the Channel Tunnel, meaning the ‘Chunnel’ achieved over 33% energy savings in its first operational season. Energy efficiency and sustainability are a priority for this company, they are making serious commitments to reducing their carbon footprint. Their mission is to advance the quality of life, while simultaneously improving the environment.

Career sectors

Compression Systems - Compressed air is considered the “fourth utility,” along with electricity, water and gas and is the most used resource in industrial manufacturing. Ingersoll Rand produce a wide range of compression systems and machines which are used in many different applications.

Electric Tools – They produce an extensive range of ‘real tools for real work’. Companies across the world use their assembly tools during production and service. From handheld cordless domestic tools to industrial pneumatic drills, Ingersoll Rand is an instantly recognisable brand for reliability and quality.

Lifting/Handling- Since 1924, Ingersoll Rand has been manufacturing hoists, winches and ergonomic systems with exceptional strength and durability. Designed to work in the toughest environments, their lifting equipment is used to lift everything from food-grade quality loads to drilling on offshore platforms.

Employee Experience

Ingersoll Rand have what they call a ‘winning culture’. Their strength is magnified by innovation and engagement. They want to unleash the potential of their employees by creating a culture of open dialogue and inclusion. Ingersoll Rand look to employ the best and the brightest of engineers, young and old and provide them with tailored development programs to encourage personal growth. The ‘Employee Value Proposition’ aims to give workers more than just a paycheck. It includes health and wellness care, insurance packages and training development programs designed to support employees through a lifetime of working at Ingersoll Rand. An Ingersoll Rand career allows you to work for a truly international successful company. A chance to travel the world and learn from the very best in the industry.

Ingersoll Rand - Mundialz

Mundialz was created to break down barriers and allow engineers to reach their career potential. We understand the challenges of moving abroad and we’re here to help you navigate the system. We have a community of like-minded internationals living in France and Nancy for example who can give you all the guidance and support you need before starting your new Ingersoll Rand job.

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