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About Germany

Germany is the second most popular place to emigrate to, behind the US. This is mostly because of the robust job market, high salaries and low cost of living. Germany is clean, safe and a great choice to start a new exciting life. The healthcare system is superb, they have first-class education and the quality of life is consistently rated as excellent. Germany’s central European location makes it ideal for travelling and the outstanding infrastructure makes exploring on your days off easy. With an economy that is reliably stable, Germany truly is a land of opportunity.

Moving to Germany

If you’re an EU citizen, moving to Germany is simple. You have the right to live and work in Germany and use the same public services as a German citizen. If you’re from a non-EU country, things are more complicated but if you’re from an in-demand profession, such as engineering or science, then it is likely you would be given a work permit. You will need to register with the authorities when you arrive, open a bank account and find accommodation. Germany is well known for its organisation and efficiency, but all the documentation is likely to be in Germany so be prepared before you go!

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Working in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most productive countries. Its manufacturing industry remains very strong and its products have a reputation for quality and reliability. The automotive industry is well respected. Companies such as Trumpf, MAN and ZF are leading the way in automotive engineering. Robert Bosch is one of the world’s biggest producer of consumer electronics and can offer countless opportunities to talented engineers. Job security in Germany is very good and the salaries are generally high. Work-life balance is key in Germany and vacation allowances reflect that.

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Living in Germany

The lifestyle in Germany is work hard, play hard. In general, they enjoy an outdoor, sporty lifestyle balanced with a hearty appreciation of beer and food! Living in Germany could give you the chance to learn a new language and experience a whole different culture. While you integrate into German society, don’t worry there are plenty of expat organisations there to support you. Make friends with like-minded people and enjoy the culture that cities such as Stuttgart and Dusseldorf have to offer.

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About Germany

Germany is Europe’s powerhouse of industry. Its key sectors are diverse, from industrial machines to healthcare. The automotive industry in Germany produces nearly 32% of all the cars in the world! Luckily the industry is also widely spread across the country, with manufacturing centres outside of the capital. German Innovation is prized highly, and R&D enjoys heavy investment from the public and private sectors. The nation who won the first Nobel prize continues to lead the way in invention and discovery.

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Vacancies in Germany

The rapidly expanding economy and ageing population has led to a skill shortage in certain professions. Put simply, there are more jobs than there are people! Automotive, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers are in high demand and companies are having to stretch their recruitment overseas to find top talent. Many international companies use English as their working language and there are hundreds of English speaking vacancies available.

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