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About Germany

8 of the best things about Germany

Germany is the industrial powerhouse of Europe and as such attracts thousands of international engineers. Read 8 interesting things about Germany.

1. The streets are paved with gold

Well, not entirely, but it is known as the land of opportunity. Germany is the second most popular place to emigrate to because of the thriving job market, high wages and low cost of living. One good thing about Germany is its high standard of living, with first-class healthcare, education system and outstanding infrastructure. German engineering stands for quality, and German brands are ones we have come to love and trust. This prosperous country maintains a stellar reputation as the top exporter of machinery, industrial equipment and automobiles in the entire world.

2. They'll welcome you with open arms

Germany is the market leader in twenty-one out of thirty-one branches of the world's engineering industry. It represents a quarter of the whole world market, and as such, highly skilled professionals are in short supply. EU nationals can move to Germany with no visa requirements and start work straight away. Still, even non-EU citizens will find the immigration rules are relaxed if you are qualified in a high demand sector such as IT or engineering.

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3.The lowest unemployment in Europe

The strong economy, skills shortage and an ageing native population have resulted in a massive surplus of job vacancies, particularly in the engineering, IT and science sectors. Companies have had to look outside the country to attract top talent, and they are offering excellent incentive packages to the right people. STEM industries offer desirable starting salaries, much higher than many other sectors in the country - STEM graduates can earn up to €75,000. Coupled with low taxes and more public holidays than any other country in Europe, Germany is a fantastic place to continue your engineering career.

Discover what it's like working in Germany.

4.Home of global giants

Most of the world knows about Germany because of its manufacturing sector, which produces some of the highest standard products. The German economy remains relatively stable, and economists believe that the country is less likely to be affected by financial crises. Germany hosts 53 of the largest 2000 publicly listed global companies, who are attracted here by its excellent infrastructure and central Europe location. Companies such as machine tool manufacturers Trumpf or consumer electrical giants Robert Bosch.

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5. It's a fabulous place to live

The best thing about Germany must be its location. Bang in the middle of Europe, you have the perfect for travelling to any of its nine neighbouring countries. The infrastructure is second to none, with high-speed trains and well-maintained motorways with no speed limits. Getting around has never been so easy. This vast country encompasses a wide variety of landscapes, from towering mountains to rolling grassy plains and even a stunning coastline. Germany is famous for its football and its beer above all things, and both are hard to beat.

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6. Its key industry regions lie outside of the capital

While Berlin is the political capital of commerce, a great deal of industrial production takes place in the south-west of the country. This means that the employment opportunities are spread out, and smaller cities like Stuttgart and Dusseldorf enjoy economic success. The house prices in these regions are lower, and public services are less stretched, making them great places to live.

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7. Germany has a rich history of innovation

Germany won the very first Nobel prize in 1901 and has carried on the spirit of innovation ever since. Many of the things we take for granted in our everyday lives were originally the brainchild of famous German inventors. Think of the names Einstein, Diesel, Porsche, Daimler, Benz, Siemens, Geiger. I’m sure you can place the lifechanging products that were named after them.

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8. Mundialz has a close bond with Germany

Mundialz works with some of the largest international companies based in Germany. We have a constant stream of vacancies, and we aim to find you the perfect match. The main difference between Mundialz and other employment platforms is our understanding of expat life. We know that moving abroad is more than just finding a job. That's why we will support you throughout the relocation process and get you settled into your new life and country.

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