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Technology hotspots in Germany

Europe's largest economy, the world's second-largest exporter, a leading location for research and development: Germany offers expertise and experience in many fields of engineering. Germany sets the global standards in many of its key sectors, including automotive and industrial manufacturing.   These key sectors shape a unique landscape of commercial and scientific clusters, not restricted to the capital Berlin, but which cover the entire country. Smaller cities such as Munich and Stuttgart are home to highly specialised institutions and companies, leaders in their fields.

German Engineering – Berlin

Berlin is the political centre of Germany and one of the most dynamic economic regions in the heart of Europe. The area is home to nearly 6 million people, and its economy is expanding fast. The capital is far ahead in terms of job creation and new businesses. SME companies and start-ups find excellent conditions here to lay the foundation for success. Berlin is particularly attractive to new enterprises in the creative and technology industries. The key industry sectors in Berlin include transport and logistics, automotive and healthcare. Large companies such as Daimler and Siemens utilise the competence and excellence for which German engineering is famous.

German Engineering – Munich

If Berlin is the capital of Germany, Munich is its industrial and economic heartland. There is a high geographical concentration of OEMs, suppliers, universities and research institutions. Many large companies with a global footprint have built their headquarters here.  In terms of turnover and the number of employees, automotive engineering is the most valuable industry sector in the region of Munich. With commercial vehicle manufacturers such as MAN and BMW employing over 50,000 people in Munich, it’s no wonder that every fourth German car is made in Bavaria. There are no less than 28 institutes of higher education in Bavaria, laying a firm foundation for future innovation. The cutting-edge trends in the automotive sector are electromobility, networked vehicles and autonomous driving.

German Engineering – Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Region is one of the most productive areas in the world. There is a mix of global brands and innovative, medium-sized companies, both highly export-oriented. Every fifth manufacturing business in Baden-Württemberg is situated in the Stuttgart region. Machine construction is the most represented sector in the Stuttgart region and massive global companies such as Trumpf are the biggest employers in the area. Trumpf manufactures production machines, using 3D laser technology, making manufacturing tools for every sector.  Stuttgart is known as the cradle of the automobile, and the automotive industry remains strong, spearheading work in the fields of fuel cell technology, electromobility, IT for cars, and virtual reality. The city is home to many general and electrical engineering companies, many of them world leaders in their specialised markets. Robert Bosch has facilities all over the city and produces everything from car parts to consumer electricals.

German Engineering – Mundialz

Everybody knows that ‘Made in Germany’ stands for superior quality and dependability. German engineering has a reputation for excellence all over the world. Working in Germany could offer you the opportunity to work within some of the most productive companies in the world. Mundialz doesn't believe that borders should hold you back in your career. We're here to help you start your international career in the best way possible, and we plan on supporting you all the way.

Learn the art of German engineering and browse jobs today.



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