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Living in Germany


Living in Germany as an expat is a smart choice for many engineering professionals. Germany is seen as a land of opportunity in Europe due to its strong economy and a healthy job market. Famous for its sausages and beer, Germany is a modern advanced society known for its diversity. Its central European location makes it ideal for travelling and its excellent infrastructure means getting around the country is easy. Some of the best places to live in Germany are smaller cities such as Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. Dusseldorf is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city close to the Dutch border. Stuttgart is the birthplace of the automobile and is a green city with a small town feel. Mercer awarded Germany the top spot for quality of life in 2018. This is mostly due to the clean, safe environment, great healthcare, low cost of living and high job security.

International Attitude

Germany is the country with the second highest immigration, behind the US and it is estimated that over 10 million of its 82 million inhabitants are foreign-born. This is partly due to the country’s rapid economic growth causing a skill shortage, especially in the IT sector. As a result, there are many facilities for expats in Germany including many International schools. German is obviously the first language but many of the multinational companies work in English. Large international companies located in Stuttgart are Robert Bosch and the tool manufacturer Trumpf and in Dusseldorf, we have ZF, MAN, Vaillant and Rheinmetall. Although most Germans will speak some English, learning a few phrases will make life a lot easier. They are known for their plain-speaking nature and love of structure and most Germans are well travelled and welcoming to foreigners.


Germany is organised. Everything runs on time and the people are sensible but they do love a good night out! Beer culture is very important in Germany but it’s not all about getting drunk, it’s a true love of beer going back centuries. There are 40 official varieties of beer and craft brewing is a fast growing trend. At the infamous Oktoberfest a staggering 7 million litres are consumed by a nation letting loose. They need it to wash down the copious amount of currywurst and pretzels! Germany is famous for its classical musical composers, philosophers and writers. All over the country you will find museums and monuments paying homage to their cultural heritage. The Germans work hard and they play hard and this balance is reflected in the fact that everything still closes on a Sunday allowing people to rest and be with their families.

Sports and Recreation

Sport is an integral part of German society. Participating in sport is the norm and not a luxury. Gym memberships are usually very cheap and you’ll find sports clubs of all types in the main cities. Their favourite spectator sport has to be football, the German Football Association is the largest in the world. Other popular sports include tennis, ice hockey and formula one racing. The Germans are an active nation and they love to live life outdoors. The term wanderlust is actually a German word meaning love for exploring and having adventures. You won’t need to venture far from the cities to find yourself in natural landscapes of outstanding beauty.


If you’re experiencing a little wanderlust and feel like having an adventure while advancing in your career then living and working in Germany may be the answer. At Mundialz we can offer all the information and support you need to make moving to Germany simple. We will get you connected to the local community which will help you to settle in far quicker.

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