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Living in Düsseldorf

About Dusseldorf

Many expats have decided that living in Dusseldorf is the right choice for them and it’s easy to see why. It is a modern cosmopolitan city in the south-west of Germany. Straddling the Rhine it is less than 1-hour drive from Cologne and is well situated for exploring Northern Europe. 5hrs from Berlin or Paris, Dusseldorf is near the Dutch border and only 2.5 hours’ drive to Amsterdam. With a population of around 600,000, Dusseldorf is Germanys 7th largest city. It is home to the country’s 3rd busiest International airport which flies to over 80 destinations. The city has a modern, futuristic feel and has been nominated 6th of the EU cities with the best standard of living by a recent Mercer report. The first impression you get of the city is that it is safe, clean and above all, wealthy.

International Attitude

Dusseldorf is a hot new city for expats due to its low taxes, the strong economy and excellent job opportunities. It has a rich ethnic legacy as a result of waves of immigration, giving the city a multicultural attitude. There are many global companies with facilities here, where English is the preferred language. Automotive companies such as ZF and MAN offer opportunities in mechanical and automotive engineering. The heating company, Vaillant, can use industrial and production engineers. Defense Corporation Rheinmetall employs all sorts of professionals including aerospace engineers. Vanderlande, specializing in automation, needs a constant stream of computer and electrical engineering experts. The city is also famous for its connection to finance and media organisations. It is a highly educated area with 22 institutions of higher education and research. The city has 2 international schools, which are often chosen by expats living in Dusseldorf because of their well-renowned IB program.


Dusseldorf is known as the fashion capital of Germany and holds many fashion and trade fairs at the gigantic expo hall, the Messe Dusseldorf. There are lively festivals throughout the year. Karneval is a wild celebration with citizens revelling in the streets. The Rheinkirmes and Japan Day are also popular events as are the beautiful Christmas Markets held in December. Dusseldorf has a lively culinary scene with 7 restaurants claiming a coveted Michelin star rating. There is also a two-star restaurant, the legendary Im Schiffchen. The Altstadt or 'old town' is affectionately known as ‘the longest bar in the world’. You won’t get bored living in Dusseldorf.

Sports and Recreation

Football is the main sport in the city with its home team, Fortuna Dusseldorf, playing in the Bundesliga. The main stadium, the Merkur Spielarena, will be a venue for the UEFA European Cup in 2024. The town also has successful teams in table tennis, basketball, hockey and lawn tennis. Runners will be able to take part in the Metro Marathon in April, an event hosting 16,000 runners. Recreational joggers will enjoy the Rheinufer district for its flat terrain and picturesque views. Golf is also well-liked with those living in Dusseldorf with no less than 38 courses in the area.


Moving to Germany for work can be a daunting prospect and Mundialz aims to take some of the stress out of the situation. We have all the information you need in one place so you can save your energy for getting settled in your new job.

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