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Health insurance in Germany

Germany has an excellent health system with comprehensive, high-quality care for all its citizens, regardless of income. All residents must register for health insurance as soon as they sign in the country. You will need to show proof of your health insurance before you apply for a residence permit. Healthcare in Germany is a dual-funded universal system, and the Germans are enormously proud of it. It is the oldest social healthcare insurance system in the world, dating back to the 1880s. Everyone living in Germany is entitled to subsidised healthcare. Contributions to public health insurance are mandatory; your employer automatically deducts them from your salary. Premiums cost 14.6% of your wages, but your employer pays half. Higher earners can opt-out of the public health insurance in Germany and choose a private insurance provider who can offer more extensive coverage and shorter waiting times.

Public health insurance in Germany

The EHIC card covers healthcare for EU citizens visiting Germany. If you intend to stay longer, it is mandatory to register for public health insurance in Germany or join a private insurer. People in paid employment who earn less than €60,750 per year are automatically covered by public health insurance in Germany. Non-employed spouses and children are included in your policy. Public health insurance in Germany is of a remarkably high standard and provides inpatient and outpatient care. GP visits, x-rays, sick leave, mental health, rehabilitation, prescription drugs and maternity care are all covered.  Some specialist care, such as optical, dental and alternative medicine isn’t available in the state system.  Usually, your employer will register you with a non-profit insurance company, or you can choose your own. They will issue you an electronic health card which you need to present each time you visit the doctor.

Private health insurance in Germany

If you are a high earner, you have the option to choose private health insurance in Germany. There are 40 companies offering packages to suit different needs and budgets. Insurers calculate their premiums based on risk factors such as age and pre-diagnosed conditions. Private health insurance in Germany can offer more extensive services such as dental or optical. You will likely be treated in the same hospitals as state insured patients, but you may have a shorter waiting time and better accommodation. Some doctors and dentists are private only. Private health insurance in Germany is priced individually; dependants are not usually free, although there are family packages.  You generally have to pay doctor’s fees upfront and then ask for a full reimbursement afterwards. You can reduce monthly payments by choosing to pay a higher excess or deductible when you receive treatment.

Social Insurance in Germany

Germany has an excellent and comprehensive social security program funded by health insurance. Public health insurance in Germany includes sickness benefits. Your employer continues paying your full wages for up to six weeks. After that, your health insurer will pay 70% of your salary for 78 weeks. Statutory sick pay pays up to €3,176 per month before tax if you earn more than that you might want to take out additional sickness insurance. In addition to the 14.6% you and your employer pay for public health insurance in Germany, you must pay 3.3% of your salary towards the state nursing care scheme. This covers the costs of long-term nursing care. Everyone must pay an extra 2.8% towards the cost of old-age or disability care. You don’t need to worry about finding an insurance provider, all these contributions are automatically deducted from your wages, and your employer pays half. 

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