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Identifikationsnummer Germany

After you have your job contract, secured your visa and found accommodation, the next thing to do is to register your address with the authorities. This needs to be done within 14 days of arrival. In practice though, it’s enough to make the appointment within this time. Everyone who lives in Germany must register where they live for tax and census purposes. When you have completed the registering process, you will be allocated a unique tax identification number called an identifikationsnummer or steuerindentifikationsnummer.


The identifikationsnummer is an exclusive number comprising of 11 digits. Every resident in Germany has their own personal number. Babies born in Germany are given an identifikationsnummer at birth and it will stay the same all their lives. Expats moving to Germany will be allocated an identifikationsnummer, 3 weeks after completing the registration process. Sometimes known as a steuerindentifikationsnummer or SteuerID, the identifikationsnummer allows the tax authorities to identify you for income tax purposes. Without one, your employer won’t know your tax code and may tax you at the maximum rate, which is non-refundable. Other government agencies also require the SteuerID for identification. Social services cannot issue your benefits without one. You cannot open a bank account, pay into a pension or get health insurance without a taxID.


You must make an appointment with your local citizens’ centre (Burgeramt). You can do this in person or by phone. In major cities, you can also make an appointment online. You can print out the registration form in advance. This is a good idea because it is in German and you might need someone to help you. You can also take a German-speaking person with you to help in the interview. Make sure you take along the correct documentation: Your current passport or ID, residence permit (if applicable), proof of address and marriage certificate (if applicable). Take along documentation for all members of the family. If you declare yourself as Protestant or Catholic Christian, you will have to pay church tax. This can be 8/9%. If you want to avoid paying, enter ‘no religion’. Registration is usually free, although some municipalities may charge an administration fee.

German Immigration – Mundialz

Moving to Germany can seem complicated for expats. Anmeldung and identifikationsnummers! Don’t get overwhelmed by the difficult words and red tape. Let Mundialz be your personal support system. We will make the relocation process smooth sailing so you can get on with enjoying your career.


Take the next step and find a great job in Germany!

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