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Vacancies in Germany

Germany is known as the land of opportunity in Europe due to its healthy job market, high salaries and a great standard of living. There is a skill shortage of engineers. Particularly automotive, mechanical, electrical and computer engineers. Therefore many international companies are extending their search outside Germany. There are hundreds of English speaking jobs in Germany for ambitious and talented individuals.


Many multinational companies in Germany are looking for young, capable engineers to join their teams.

In Stuttgart, machine tool manufacturer Trumpf and consumer electrical giant Robert Bosch have many open vacancies. Dusseldorf is the home to HVAC market leaders, Vaillant and automation logistic specialists, Vanderlande. The future of mobility technology is being shaped by automotive companies MAN and ZF. Rheinmetall, a European defence contractor can offer opportunities to work on projects which impact world security.

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Work environment

Germany can offer great opportunities to live and work in Europe’s most productive country. The Mercer report puts Germany at the top of the list for quality of life. This is due to the high salaries in Germany and the great work-life balance. Once you decide to take a job in Germany we can give you advice on the business culture and what it’s like to work in Stuttgart or Dusseldorf.

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Relocating to another country from work involves many challenges. First, you need to find out about the immigration requirements. Do you need a visa or a work permit? How do you register in Germany? Then you need to find accommodation. Do you want to rent a house in Germany or is it better to buy? What about mortgages in Germany? Read our information pages to discover the ins and outs of moving to Germany.

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Taking a job in Germany can open your eyes to a whole different culture and lifestyle. We can tell you what’s like to live in Stuttgart or Dusseldorf. We’ll give you more information about health insurance and tax. Explain how to open a bank account and give you an insight into the cost of living in Germany. Although there are ample English speaking jobs in Germany for foreigners, learning the language can help with integration into the local community. We have plenty of tips and tricks on learning the language in Germany.

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Mundialz is your easy to use online job portal. We can help you to select the perfect employer in a great location. Then we will give you all the support you need during the relocation process.

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