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MAN Germany

About MAN

MAN SE produces commercial vehicles within several divisions like MAN Truck & Bus. MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. MAN SE is owned in majority by Volkswagen AG. Its product range from trucks and special-purpose vehicles, buses and coaches, to diesel and gas engines. MAN SE has over 38.000 employees of which over 40% works outside of Germany. In 2018 it generated a sales revenue of over €12 billion.

Focus on innovative transportation solutions

MAN’s strategic focus lies on innovative transportation solutions. Market requirements are influenced by the global megatrends of globalization, high international division of labour, population growth and urbanization, increasingly strict emissions regulations, as well as digitization. Together with its customers, MAN intends to leverage the opportunities resulting from these megatrends.

Leadership in technology

Technology leadership is one of the keys to MAN’s success. We develop solutions for our customers that are tailored to their markets and their needs. Our ability to constantly pioneer and evolve enables us to secure our position a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

Become a part of MAN

Do you think you have what it takes to become a part of MAN Germany? Be sure to check out the MAN jobs in the vacancies here!

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