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Robert Bosch Germany

About Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch, is a world leading multinational engineering and electronics company with its headquarter in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart in Germany. Its core operating areas are split across four business sectors: mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology and energy and building technology.

Mobility solutions

The mobility solutions sector makes up 61% of the total Robert Bosch Group sales. This sector is a combination of the expertise Bosch has in three mobility domains: automation, electrification and connectivity. The solutions Bosch provides in this sector allow cars to interact with other transportation means, such as bicycles, trains and buses. Brands from Robert Bosch in this sector include: Bosch Car Service, Robin Air and HC Cargo. This sector provides the most jobs at Robert Bosch.

Industrial technology

The industrials technology sector generates around 8% of the total Robert Bosch Group sales. This sector of the Robert Bosch Group includes the drive and technology division, which contains customized drive, control and linear motion solutions for factory automation. The industrial technology of Bosch is a leading user and provider of connected manufacturing solutions. The packaging technology provides process and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.

Consumer goods

The consumer goods sector is accountable for 24% of the Robert Bosch Group sales. The consumer goods exists of power tools and measuring technology, for example hammer drills, lawnmowers and high-pressure cleaners. Another part of the consumer goods sector is the household appliances. This product portfolio ranges from washing machines through freezers, stoves and ovens. Siemens is a part of this sector of the Bosch group.

Energy and building technology

The last division of Bosch Group is accountable for 7% of the total sales. The energy and building technology is aimed at two areas: the global business for innovative security and communication solutions, and the regional integrator business. The product portfolio contains video-surveillance, fire-detection systems and many more safety solutions.

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