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TRUMPF Germany


The TRUMPF Group is a German family-owned company with its head office in Ditzingen near Stuttgart. TRUMPF is one of the world's biggest providers of machine tools. TRUMPF has over 13.000 employees worldwide and achieved a revenue of €3.57 billion. With more than 60 operative subsidiaries, the TRUMPF Group is represented in all important markets worldwide. Its production facilities are based in China, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA.


The two divisions in the holding are Laser Technology and Machine Tools. The larger area of activity at TRUMPF comprises machine tools for flexible sheet metal and tube processing. TRUMPF offers machines for punching, bending, combined punch and laser processing. It also comprises machine tools for laser cutting and welding applications.

The product range in laser technology contains laser systems for cutting, welding and surface treatment of 3D components. TRUMPF also provides high-performance CO2 lasers. These lasers are used by companies like ASML in the Netherlands. The building process of the lasers is a very precisely process.

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