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Vaillant Germany

About Vaillant

The Vaillant Group is one of the largest companies in Europe that develops products for heating, cooling and hot water. Vaillant has 13.000 employees worldwide and in 2017, Vaillant generated a revenue of €2.4 billion. Operating in 60 countries, with 10 plants in Europe and China, The Vaillant Group is a global market leader in the wall-hung boiler segment.

International orientation

The Vaillant Group is internationally positioned. The international network is made up of 10 production and development sites in six European countries and China. The company manufactures product lines and technologies in the immediate vicinity of the main sales markets. The commercial activities focus on the whole of Europe, Turkey, Russia, China and even the growth markets in Asia. The decentralised structure is based on the country-specific requirements of each of the markets.

Sustainability, quality and spirit

The foundation of Vaillant is built on sustainability, quality and the Vaillant Group spirit. Vaillant takes responsibility for the environment, society and its employees. They do this with the help of energy-efficient products and solutions, focussing on sustainability. The quality of the products is very important, because the customer have high expectations and desires of the development of the products. The Vaillant Group spirit exists of entrepreneurship, trust, integrity and passion.

Jobs at Vaillant

Are you seeing a match between you and Vaillant Group Germany? Be sure to check the vacancies here and see how you can contribute to their ambitions!

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