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Working in Germany

Choosing to live and work in Germany can really give your career a boost. Germany has the largest economy in Europe, 5th in the world, and continues to grow rapidly. The industry is booming, Germany is in the top 10 world’s most productive countries. As such the job prospects are plentiful in almost every sector. Employees are valued, salaries are high and there are often extra bonuses to reward achievements. Healthcare is excellent and many employers will contribute to insurance costs. There are on average 30 days’ vacation plus 13 public holidays because work-life balance is key to Germans. The average working week is only 38 hours which is the shortest in Europe! All of these factors, plus the fact that living costs are relatively low, make Germany number one for quality of life according to Mercer, 2018.

Expat Opportunities

The strong economy, skills shortage and an ageing native population has driven immigration. There are just simply not enough people to fill all the jobs. EU residents are free to live and work in Germany with no visa or work permit. If you’re from outside of the EU then you must be in possession of valued qualifications or skills and have a well-paid job secured before you get here. There are many large international companies who work in English such as MAN and Robert Bosch. Although, if you can learn a bit of German it can really improve your chances of finding a job, as it shows your commitment. There are numerous expat organisations geared to help you in your new life including many international schools. The public education system in Germany is world class and universities have no tuition fees.

Business Connections

Germany is Europe’s industrial powerhouse. The automotive industry, in particular, is the driving force behind the accelerating economy. Machinery and aviation are also strong sectors. Large companies such as ZF, Trumpf and Rheinmetall can offer opportunities to engineers working in the manufacturing industry. Germany is a high tech country, leading the world in research and innovations. Companies such as Vaillant are pioneers in energy efficiency and green technology. Due to its sheer size and power, Germany’s internal markets are the largest in Europe in almost every area. Smaller and medium-sized companies make up 90% of the economy and business is flourishing.

Career prospects

Expats in Germany can be safe in the knowledge that the job market is thriving. Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, it hit a record low of 5.8% in 2017. There is a shortage of engineers especially mechanical, automotive, electrical and building engineers. IT specialists and manufacturing professionals are also in high demand. Germany is keen to attract scientists, physicists and chemists to work in here long term and as such companies offer great incentives and employee benefits. Employment is very secure in Germany and sickness and maternity cover is among the highest in Europe. The streets may not be paved with gold exactly but there’s a reason why it is called the land of opportunity! The business culture in Germany is very open, read more about that here.


Choosing to live and work in Germany can be a challenge. Mundialz is set up to help you in the relocation process. Check out our information pages on moving to Germany and living in Germany. We can help you find a job and choose the best places to live in Germany. Whether you choose to work in Dusseldorf or work in Stuttgart, we are your one stop shop for support.

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