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Working in Düsseldorf

There are so many reasons to start looking for jobs in Dusseldorf. Due to its strong economy, central European location and excellent transport links, Dusseldorf has been a magnet for international companies for some time now. Germany is the 2nd most popular place for migration in the world, behind the US, and Dusseldorf is the most popular city in Germany. This is because of the high quality of life compared to the moderate cost of living in the city. The region has the highest GDP in Germany, contributing €650billion, 21% of the country’s total GDP. The city is a financial and business hub with the majority of companies being in the technology sector. Energy, biotech, information and communication companies are prominent here alongside automotive, logistics and chemical firms.

Expat Opportunities

Dusseldorf is a melting pot of culture due to waves of immigration resulting in wide ethnic diversity. Of its 600,000 residents, nearly ¼ are foreign-born. This is one of the reasons expats are racing to work in Dusseldorf. You should have no trouble finding a job with so many international companies working in English and actively looking for highly skilled workers. With so many expats in the city, there is an enthusiastic international community. The largest being MeetUp Dusseldorf with over 11,000 members. They organize regular events and activities where you can meet people and find like-minded friends. Another way of getting connected is by joining a German class, although you can get to an intermediate level by learning for free using online resources such as Duolingo.

Business Connections

Dusseldorf has a vast array of international companies, specializing in both research and manufacturing. The automotive industry is represented by ZF and Man, who are designing the vehicles of the future. Opportunities for engineers of all disciplines, including aerospace engineering, is defence company Rheinmetall, Europe’s foremost supplier of army technology. Industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers could find jobs in Dusseldorf at the cutting-edge heating company Vaillant. The city is famous for its prestigious third level education with many world-class universities and research institutes.

Career Prospects

The city benefits from specific economic and trade policies which attract foreign investors. In fact, 1 in 7 companies in the region is of foreign origin. There are 370 companies in Dusseldorf where English is the main language. As such, there is no shortage of jobs in Dusseldorf for talented, ambitious engineering professionals. Of course, if you learn German, the opportunities are endless! The city also has a reputation for innovations with a strong eco-system of start-ups. If you want to succeed in life you should consider living and working in Dusseldorf.


If you are considering moving to Dusseldorf we can help with all the information and personal support you need to get you settled into your new life. We have connections to the biggest global companies in the area and local expat communities. So we can help find you the perfect job and let you enjoy living in Dusseldorf as soon as possible.

Find jobs in Dusseldorf and jumpstart your career!

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