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Working in Stuttgart

The strong economy and excellent infrastructure have been drawing expats to work in Stuttgart for generations. The city is known as the ‘cradle of the automobile’, as it is the birthplace of the modern car and motorcycle. The automotive industry still has a strong presence in the city with Porsche and Daimler-Chrysler having major plants here. The city has a highly advanced industrial infrastructure with first class transport links, making it a prime location for the manufacturing industry. Stuttgart is one of the best places to live in Germany for its quality of life. Due, in part, to it having the highest prosperity of all German cities, with a GDP of €34 billion.

Expat opportunities

Stuttgart has an innovative and international attitude when it comes to business. It is possible to work in Stuttgart in English as many global companies use English as their working language. If you have specialist engineering skills that are in high demand it is easy to find jobs in Stuttgart in English. However, learning German is an excellent way of meeting other expats from similar backgrounds and interests as yourself. Plus it will make living in Germany easier. There are a vast array of expat organisations in the city such as the Metropolitan Club and the Tuesday Dinner club, which will make it easy to connect to like-minded internationals. Of course, there are also expat communities online, such as InterNations and Meetup, organising regular events and activities. The city is comprised of over 40% foreign-born residents so it has a very multicultural and welcoming atmosphere.

Business Connection

Stuttgart is a hub of research and development in terms of industry and educational institutions. Robert Bosch, famous for manufacturing everything from car parts to consumer electricals, has facilities all over the city. In Stuttgart, they specialise in computer hardware and software products and offer opportunities to all kinds of scientists and engineers. Trumpf develops production machines, using 3D laser technology to make manufacturing tools for every industrial sector. The local industry maintains close connections with the many universities and research centres in the city. Education is a top priority and the region has a surprisingly high density of scientific institutions. R&D receives a reported €13 million investment, daily! Millions of reasons to work in Stuttgart!

Career Prospects

Stuttgart was rated the least stressful city in the world by a recent Zipjet study. This is partly because the unemployment rate is far lower than the national average, at only 3.2%.  As a result, the residents have more disposable income and a better quality of life. The region also benefits from the strengthening of Germany’s economy as a whole. Stuttgart entices both corporate giants and smaller innovative startups. With such a great demand for a highly qualified workforce, Germany has relaxed work-permit requirements making it even easier to find jobs in Stuttgart.


Grab the opportunity to work in one of the most innovative regions in the world. The place where the photocopier, the electric drill and even toilet paper was invented! If you are considering living in Germany as an expat but you’re struggling to decide, let Mundialz help you. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to finding work in Stuttgart and we have all the information you need for your relocation.

Take a chance now and browse jobs in Stuttgart.

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