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The healthcare industry covers all areas of medical care. From diagnostics, treatment, surgery and the analysis of statistical data. Innovations in medical technology are improving the outcomes for thousands of patients worldwide. Improvements in imaging equipment and developments in minimally invasive surgical devices mean that doctors can find out what’s wrong and fix it without the need for risky surgery. Engineers who choose to work in the healthcare sector are making a tangible difference to people’s lives, no other area can have such a relatable impact. With increased longevity comes an increased demand for healthcare and the need for engineers and scientists in this area is constant. If you want to work at the very cutting edge of technology on life-changing projects, then healthcare could be the right career direction. Companies such as Philips, Boston Scientific and Cook Medical are at the forefront of the industry.


The era of high-tech is now. Most manufacturing companies use high tech engineering and computer technology. The high-tech industry accounts for a large part of the economy and is growing fast. The Netherlands​​​​​​​ and Switzerland invest heavily in encouraging high-tech companies and their employees to work in their countries, building specialised high-tech industrial compounds to encourage collaboration and innovation. All disciplines of engineering can qualify as high-tech: software, mechanical and electrical engineering, biomedical, automotive and aerospace engineers all work with highly complex applied mathematics and science to solve problems and push back the boundaries of technology. There exists a massive skill shortage in all STEM industries. This allows the talented ambitious engineer the choice of where they want to live, who they want to work with and what projects do they want to work on? Your future is bright, accept the challenge.

Automotive industry

Since the invention of the wheel, automotive engineers have been fascinated with things that move. The challenge is how to make them faster, safer and more fuel- efficient. Over 96 million new cars are produced every year. The design, manufacture and service of vehicles require a multi-disciplinary team. Elements of electrical, chemical, mechanical and aerospace engineering are involved. Car production has become increasingly automated, with sophisticated robots enabling a clean and efficient process. Breakthroughs such as alternative fuels and the rise of autonomous driving are transforming the way we look at vehicles. If you want to be part of the revolution, now is the time to jumpstart your career in the automotive industry. Companies in Germany and the Netherlands such as MAN and DAF are offering opportunities to work in cutting edge environments on the cars of the future.

Software industry

The software industry is the fastest growing IT sector in the world. Our increasing dependence on computers requires more and more sophisticated software. Software has come a long way from shrink-wrapped disks. The industry is leaning more towards SaaS (Software as a service) subscription models, where the creators can continually maintain and improve the coding. Businesses are favouring cloud-based computing, where data and programs are stored and managed elsewhere. This allows for more opensource opportunities which promotes invention and co-operation. AI (artificial intelligence) means that software can learn from its users and adapt and improve accordingly. Autonomous driven cars can observe, learn and anticipate hazards. The IoT (internet of things) is being used by companies such as Belimo and Vaillant to run their HVAC systems. By connecting sensors, computers, machines and even people, the system can constantly adjust, increasing safety, efficiency and reducing costs.


As an engineer, you are free to choose the industry which inspires you the most. The world is figuratively at your feet. Don’t be put off at the thought of moving abroad. Mundialz is here to help you find your perfect career and guide you through the relocation process.

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