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Healthcare industry

About healthcare industry

Healthcare is a broad sector, covering all aspects of patient care from diagnostics to cure. Modern technology has become inextricable from medicine, as more equipment is computerised, digitised and robot operated. Healthcare technology used for diagnosis has resulted in advanced imagery equipment such as MRIs and wearable scanners. MedTech is an area of rapid progress and innovations can save lives. Minimally invasive surgical devices such as catheters and pacemakers can improve patients’ outcomes and change the quality of their life. Ground-breaking research such as 3D imaging, VR to rehearse surgeries and 3D printing are changing the face of medicine. Medical technology is the human aspect of engineering, your work alters people’s fates. Engineers working in the Biomedical technology sector are often faced with complex social and ethical issues as well as technical ones. No other engineering industry can have such a direct human impact.


Healthcare is a multidisciplinary challenge. From the design and production of imaging equipment to the analysis of statistical data to optimise insurance provision, there are hundreds of different applications for engineering within the medical arena. Biomedical technology works to improve sophisticated imaging devices such as MRIs, X-ray machines and CAT scanners, which are invaluable in the diagnostic process. Research is still the cornerstone of this industry. Breakthroughs are made every day. Nanotechnology can be used for the early detection of diseases such as cancer and nanorobots can be used to make repairs at a cellular level. The future is digital and many of the processes and systems involved in the healthcare industry are being optimised by imaginative computing solutions. Even the analysis of data can highlight important trends and lead to the discovery of new, more effective treatment options.

Career Prospects

Alongside increased life expectancy comes an increased need for healthcare. The MedTech industry is under pressure to provide faster, more affordable diagnostic and treatment solutions. Healthcare is the hottest area of engineering and it commands the highest of salaries. No other sector of engineering is seen as so worthwhile. Your work can have meaningful effects on real people. There are specific medical technology degrees, but the demand for engineers is so great that it is possible to enter the industry with most base engineering degrees. Gain experience and work with inspirational specialists on pioneering projects that ultimately save lives.


Ireland is fast becoming a global MedTech hub. Attracting multinational giants like Boston Scientific and Cook Medical to build their European headquarters here. Their innovations in minimally invasive surgical devices have changed the outcomes for thousands of patients all over the world. Integer is one of the biggest global outsource suppliers of medical devices, specialising in embedded power sources for medical instruments such as pacemakers. Creganna supply outsourced products for all the leading medical device companies. They specialise in the volume production of MedTech, making scientific breakthroughs become a commercial reality. In the Netherlands, Philips Healthcare are pioneers in medical imagery and monitoring, transforming the face of diagnostics. Healthcare technology is also used in the statistical analysis used by large insurance companies such as Swiss Life, based in Zurich Switzerland.


If you want to work in an important industry which makes a real difference, then healthcare technology could be for you. Mundialz wants to help you realise your international ambitions. We’re here to support you through the entire process, from application to successful hire and beyond.

​​​​​​​Search exciting opportunities in healthcare and maximise your potential!

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