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High-tech Industry

What is the high tech industry about?

It’s difficult to determine which industries are high-tech these days. The majority of manufacturing industries involve some elements of hi-tech engineering and computation. High technology is defined as being at the cutting edge of discovery, frontier technology, utilising highly complex mathematics and theoretical physics. Hi-tech companies employ a great concentration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) employees. Manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, electronic and optical products are classed as hi-tech. It plays a significant role in the economy and is an area of rapid growth. Vacancies in hi-tech will cover all areas of engineering including computer hardware, electrical, aerospace and biomedical.

Sectors in the high tech industry

Many industries employ high technology in their research, development and manufacturing processes. The production of computer and electrical hardware, for example, involves staying at the forefront of research. Ground-breaking nanotechnology is used in the production of biomedical devices used for minimally invasive procedures. The semiconductor industry is a rapidly growing and highly volatile industry. Competition is rife, with companies constantly challenging each other on price and efficiency. This means that they spend vast sums on R&D to stay ahead of the game. Many cutting-edge industrial applications involve robotic automation and high-tech engineering is required to push the boundaries, making the impossible possible.

Career Prospects in high tech industry

The hi-tech industry is booming all over the world, particularly in Western Europe. Countries such as the Netherlands are building 'innovation districts'. Specialised industrial ecosystems devoted to the promotion of high technology companies. The High-Tech campus in Eindhoven and The Science park in Amsterdam are gaining reputations to rival Silicon Valley. Countries such as Switzerland are relaxing their immigration regulations to attract more STEM professionals to join their workforce. There are massive skill shortages in the high-tech industry, which means employees can demand high salaries and great benefits. The Netherlands offers tax reductions to highly skilled workers employed from foreign countries in an attempt to close their skills gap. Employment prospects in the hardware and semiconductor industry are very healthy. The demand for high tech is only going to increase as manufacturing processes become more complex and computer orientated.

Companies in high tech industry

Companies working in the Netherlands, such as Philips and Mitsubishi, employ thousands of STEM professionals and are expanding their recruitment abroad. ASML, in Eindhoven, is a market leader in the semiconductor industry and they employ hundreds of new staff every month. Fokker is a major manufacturer in the aviation and aerospace industry and requires industrial hardware engineers to join its team of imaginative designers. Vanderlande works in revolutionary robotic automation and can offer exciting opportunities to talented young engineers. If living in Switzerland is an option, then pioneering companies such as Espros and Arktis can offer positions in their state-of-the-art facilities in Zurich. Those from a biotech background should consider moving to Ireland, where they will find hi-tech biotech companies Boston Scientific and Cook Medical working on medical devices with life-changing results.

Mundialz in the high tech industry

If you aspire to work in the high-tech sector, there are countless opportunities all over the world. Mundialz wants to help you realise your dreams and break down the complexities of moving abroad. We know the challenges of relocation. We want to arm you with all the information you need to make sure your career move is a guaranteed success.

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