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Software industry

What is the software industry?

Software is a set of data or instructions which tell a device what to do. The software industry comprises of businesses which develop, maintain and publish computer programming for various consumers. When computers first went into production, they were mostly programmed by the users themselves. The first company to provide software products was the Computer Usage Company in 1955. With the rise of the personal computer and the growing market for games and applications, the industry has been exploding since the 1970s. The worldwide industry is now thought to be worth around $500 billion. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the trend has been towards the development of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based services. The growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI (artificial intelligence) has resulted in increased device programming and opensource applications are transforming the way businesses work.

Software industry sectors

Programming – Programming is the original and still the largest sector of the software industry. Practically every machine and device we use and work with has been programmed by software engineering. Through analysis, algorithm generation and coding, software programmers give machines instructions. The big names in programming such as Microsoft, ADP and Oracle created pioneering solutions to businesses. Analysing, storing and organising data.

System – System programming allows software to communicate with hardware in the form of operating systems and utility software. System software is used in platforms such as macOS and Microsoft Windows. Computational science software, game engines, industrial automation are all applications of system software.

Opensource – Opensource software is available to the public. Anyone can access, modify and enhance it. It is revolutionising the way advancements in technology can be made faster through collaboration. Without opensource technology, the internet itself wouldn’t even exist. An example of an opensource codebase is the Android operating system. AI (artificial intelligence) allows systems to learn from their users and improve their operations automatically.

SaaS – Software as a Service is an area of the industry with a great opportunity for growth. Cloud computing is a cost-efficient way of meeting a business’ needs. The maintenance and service of the software are taken care of by the creator. This allows businesses with limited IT personnel to enjoy continuous service at low cost.

Career prospects in software industry

Software is expected to be the fastest-growing industry in IT. The advent of the Internet and cloud computing has radically changed how companies work. Software was once a shrink-wrapped product. Purchased, installed and maintained. In the future, more and more companies will use software through a subscription. There is a greater demand for software engineering than ever before, thanks to a growing number of start-ups and increasing tech complexity. With cognitive computing and AI on the horizon, there will be no shortage of opportunities in data engineering and storage. Large government, the military and educational institutions can provide a great opportunity to work with large data sets and analysis.

Companies in software industry

Virtually every industry and company in the world uses software in their daily activities. As a software engineer, there are countless ways you can apply your skills. GPS experts TomTom are continuously striving to develop the next generation in AI navigation software. Software is essential in the biomedical industry, where the collection and analysis of large data sets can guide the development of life-saving medical equipment. Boston Scientific and Cook Medical in Ireland are the leading manufactures of minimally invasive medical devices. Companies such as Vanderlande and Trumpf are experts in automation and are creating the factories of the future using sophisticated software to control robotic machinery. HVAC experts, Vaillant and Belimo utilise IoT (Internet of Things) to allow their smart systems to promote efficiency and safety. The growth in the software industry is strong and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Mundialz and the software industry

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