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About Ireland

Millions of expats have chosen to come, live and work in the Republic of Ireland. This English speaking European island has been influencing the world for generations. With good political and cultural connections with the EU, Britain and the US, Ireland is in a very strong position economically. With great job opportunities, a thriving industry and attractive lifestyle, it’s no wonder Ireland is an attractive prospect for ambitious individuals looking to further their career.

Moving to Ireland

EU citizens are entitled to free movement within the EU and can move to Ireland easily. If you’re from outside of the EU, then there are few more hoops to jump through. Don’t give up though, engineers and computer experts are in high demand and as such work permits are likely to be granted if you secure a job first. You will need to register and get a PPS number, so you can access public services, and you may need to have your qualifications recognised for them to be valid. Finding accommodation in big cities can be a challenge, so do your research before you go.

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Working in Ireland

The economy in Ireland is growing faster than any other European country. After Brexit, Ireland will be the only English speaking country in the EU, putting it in a unique position. It is expected to attract many international companies, currently based in the UK, to relocate there due to the similarities in culture and structure. Ireland is becoming somewhat of a MedTech and Pharma hub, with large multinational companies such as Boston Scientific and Cook Medical having their European headquarters here. Other Irish based companies include Creganna and Integer, who manufacture outsourced medical devices.

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Living in Ireland

The Irish are known for their love of ‘the craic’. Their fun-loving and welcoming nature is infectious and it’s no wonder expats feel at home straight away. Ireland is accessible to the rest of Europe by a quick flight or a boat to the UK, but you will need all your spare time to explore this beautiful green island. The landscape is stunning. Read all about the historical yet modern cities of Galway, LimerickCork and Co. Kerry. While you’re here you will want to watch, or take part in, the traditional Gaelic sports of hurling and Gaelic football and you definitely have to sample a Guinness on St Patrick’s Day!

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Mundialz About Ireland

Ireland has a strong engineering industry spread across many key regions and sectors. The Biotech and MedTech industries are particularly represented with large international firms owning sites in the country’s main cities. There is a historical connection with the medical device industry. Two of the most significant Irish inventions were the syringe and the binaural stethoscope. There are so many fascinating aspects to this small green country, from its history to its future.

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Vacancies in Ireland

The technology industry is desperately seeking talented driven engineers and research scientists to fulfil the skills shortage. Biomedical and mechanical engineers could find the perfect job within the MedTech industry, manufacturing medical devices that change people’s lives. Computer engineers and data specialists are also in high demand with the world’s leaders in the IT industry being located here. The future looks bright with the low taxation attracting foreign investment and bolstering the job market.

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