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About Ireland

8 of the best things about Ireland

If you’re want to work in Ireland, then you need to find out as much about living in Ireland as possible. Check out these 8 fascinating facts about Ireland.

1. It’s called the emerald isle for a reason

You really couldn’t find a more beautiful green scenery than Ireland. With magnificent mountains, lush green forests and wild beaches, Ireland is nature’s playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The landscape supports farming producing some of the best quality meat and dairy in the world. Traditional Irish food is of the warm and comforting variety, but their forays into modern gastronomy are impressive.

2. Moving to Ireland is as easy as hopping on a plane (or a boat)

If you're from the EU, you can move to Ireland before you find a job. You just need to register for a PPS number when you arrive. The doors are not closed to non-EU citizens either, especially if you are a highly skilled migrant. Engineers and scientists are in high demand here, and if you can secure a job before you come, immigration is easy and relatively cheap.

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3. There are fantastic career opportunities

Ireland is one of the 10 wealthiest countries in the world. The wages are high, and the taxes are low, making it ideal for aspiring engineers. One of the great things about Ireland is the favourable work-life balance. Family life is vital to the Irish and free time is regarded as precious. The low corporate taxes have brought international companies here such as Liebherr and MedTech rivals Boston Scientific and Cook Medical. Ireland has a young population, and the people are friendly and embrace expats as their own.

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4.The Irish love a bit of craic

If there’s one thing the Irish are known for, it's their love of fun or craic as they call it. Their sense of humour is notorious, as is their love of the black stuff (Guinness). The Irish are extraordinarily creative, their music and culture have influenced the world, and they are known for their sense of humour and welcoming spirit.  Ireland has a love of sports. Gaelic football, hurling, soccer and rugby are popular Irish spectator sports. Horse racing is also well-liked, Ireland has some of the best racecourses in the world.

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5. Ireland industry is widely-spread

The great thing about Ireland is that their industry is spread out around the country. Obviously, Dublin is the largest city, but smaller cities such as Cork, Galway and Limerick have developed into key industrial regions of their own. The advantage of being outside the capital is that the house prices are lower, and your surroundings are more attractive.

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6. Ireland is the HQ of large international companies.

The primary industries in Ireland are food production and tourism, but the favourable economic conditions have made it a hub for science and technology. Large IT companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have their HQs here. The giants in the MedTech, pharmaceutical and chemical are all in close proximity of each other in the business parks of Cork and Galway. As the only English-speaking nation left in Europe, Ireland has attracted many international companies to its shores, creating amazing career opportunities for highly skilled migrants.

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7. Ireland is a bright light in innovation

For centuries the tiny nation of Ireland has been punching above its weight in the category of innovation. From the invention of colour photography to the first-ever ejection seat, Ireland's inventors have not been sitting idle. Their history within medical technology started long ago with the invention of the syringe and the stethoscope and continues to this day.

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8. Mundialz has many connections with industry in Ireland

Mundialz works with some of the biggest companies in Ireland and can offer many career opportunities for talented engineers and scientists. We not only aim to match you with your dream employer, we also continue to give you support during the relocation process. Mundialz has built a network of like-minded expats who know what it's like to move abroad and can give you a helping hand along the way.

Jumpstart your career in Ireland and browse jobs today!


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