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Technology hotspots in Ireland

Ireland has vibrant, export-focused, business clusters in several key sectors. Over 200 international companies in the industrial technology sector generate €4.7 billion in exports annually. The Irish Engineering industry is robust, supporting a comprehensive range of companies in various fields such as automotive, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical and MedTech.  Irish engineering has a long history of leading the way in development and design, and the government invests heavily in research and development. They support companies with tax credits and actively encourage collaboration with academic research centres.                  

Irish Engineering – Cork

Cork is Irelands second largest city and has the highest concentration of industry outside of Dublin. This compact but dynamic city is a key region for IT, R&D, Pharma and MedTech. The city has a reputation for scientific breakthroughs, particularly in the Medical sector. Global Med-tech giants Boston Scientific enjoy collaboration with the city’s two highly regarded academic institutions, making Cork a hub for medical research. The Little Island and Ringaskiddy districts are the centres of the high-tech sector with Boston Scientific being based out of the Model Farm Business park.

Irish Engineering – Galway

Galway is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Ireland. It is a pivotal point for science and technology and has attracted all the large Medical Device companies. The key regions for healthcare companies are the Ballybrit Business Park, home to Boston Scientific, and the Parkmore West Business and technology park, home to supplier firms Creganna and Integer. Galway can offer world-class opportunities in this sector, with excellent access to the EU science and pharmaceutical sectors too. Skilled professionals are in very high demand in this competitive area. The city of Galway was designated European Capital of Culture for 2020 and is becoming a very desirable place to live and work.  

Irish Engineering – Limerick

The mid-west city of Limerick has been gaining a reputation as a location for international investment. The National Technology Park is the central region of industry in Limerick with over 3000 people working there. The Key sector in the area is medical technology and one of the leading manufactures of medical devices; Cook Medical base their research centres here. There is a spirit of innovation in the city, with award-winning scientific foundations and research centres feeding the industry with a highly skilled inspirational network.

Irish Engineering – Mundialz

Mundialz believes that the whole world is your oyster when it comes to following an engineering career. We are affiliated with large international companies in many of Ireland's key sectors and regions and are best placed to match you with your dream employer. We have a community of expats who will help you to move to Ireland and can offer advice and support from a real personal perspective.

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