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Living in Ireland

The emerald isle, land of leprechauns and shamrocks. Why should you consider living in Ireland as the next step on your career path?

For such a small country, Ireland is bursting with opportunity. Per capita, the Irish are amazingly successful, with their music, sports and art influencing the world. At only 2hrs from Barcelona and 45 minutes from London, its proximity to Europe makes it a great launchpad for travelling. The best places to live in Ireland for expats are probably the big cities, Dublin, Galway and Cork. The capital, Dublin, is great for nightlife. Cork, the second city, is on the south coast so it gets better weather. Galway, on the West coast, is also a great option for expats with its high-tech companies. Limerick is a far smaller city and could provide a quieter lifestyle but is still only 2hrs from Dublin.

International Attitude

The strong economy in Ireland has attracted many international companies. MedTech giants Boston Scientific and Cook Medical are based in Cork, Galway and Limerick along with all the big names in IT. Apple, Google and Facebook all have facilities here. English is the main language so finding a job and getting around should be no problem. Ireland is historically very neutral and stable politically making it a safe place to live. Gun crime is almost non-existent and the police, or Gardaí, are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. The Irish are famous for their friendly and welcoming attitude, making life in Ireland for foreigners easy. Internations say that expats living in Ireland are twice as likely to make local friends than in other EU countries and 7 out of 10 people feel at home straight away.


The Irish are famous for their charm and their love of fun or ‘the craic’. They are witty people with a self-deprecating sense of humour. Pub culture is very strong with many activities revolving around a nice pint of Guinness. There are, however, many non-alcohol related things to enjoy. Museums, theatres and the arts are celebrated all over the country. Music is in their bones, from traditional folk bands to the big names in pop such as Ed Sheeran and U2. St Patrick’s Day is a day of national celebration and everyone takes to the streets around the country to enjoy the parades and general revelry. The food culture in Ireland is booming with gastropubs and gourmet restaurants nationwide. The Irish dairy and meat produce is exported all over the world due to its quality and flavour. You’re not going to go hungry living in Ireland!

Sports and Recreation

The biggest attraction for living in Ireland has to be the spectacular scenery. Even if you live in one of the big cities, in 20 minutes you can be in the wildest nature imaginable. The possibilities for weekends away in the county, visiting castles or little villages are endless. The weather might not be the best but all that rain has made the country green and lush and the Irish like to get out in the great outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, biking and surfing are all popular pursuits. Sports play an integral part in Irish communities. Along with the traditional Irish games of hurling and Gaelic football, rugby union and soccer are the main sports. Horseracing is one of Ireland’s favourite spectator sports. There are 26 racecourses nationwide, visit the famous Galway races in July which draws over 150,000 onlookers.


Making the decision to live and work in Ireland is a big one but there are many reasons to choose this green and pleasant land. Once you have found the perfect job, Mundialz is here to give you with all the information you need to get settled in and start enjoying your new life. We have connections to the local communities which can offer you all the support you need.


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