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Living in Cork

About Cork

Cork is known as the Venice of the North because it was originally built on top of the marshes surrounding the River Lee. The city is home to over 125,000 residents. 10% of which are from an international background. Situated in the South West of Ireland, Cork is just 2.5 hours from Dublin and 1.5 hours drive from Limerick. Living in Cork is convenient for air travel as it has its own airport, just 8km from the city centre. Shuttle buses to the airport run regularly and airlines offer services to most of Europe and North America. There are also car ferries to France and Spain, operating out of the Port of Cork. You can even get a Eurolines bus into London, via Wales and Blackpool.

International Attitude

Due to its excellent infrastructure and high-speed internet network, Cork has attracted many of the global IT giants. Apple Inc. has its headquarters here and most of its manufacturing and R&D is based in Cork. Other IT companies include Logitech, Amazon and EMC. Living in Cork offers opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. The little Island district has all the big pharma companies such as Pfizer Inc, Johnson and Johnson and Novartis. Other large employers in the region include Siemens, McAfee, VMware and the Heineken brewery. MedTech leader, Boston Scientific, is also located in Cork. Providing exciting opportunities for various types of engineers and scientists. The city’s academic links are extremely strong with 2 universities and top research institutes


Cork has many historical points of interest such as the City Gaol, which used to be a temporary prison for convicts awaiting deportation to Australia. It is also home to the famous Blarney Stone at Blarney castle. Music is an important part of Irish culture and you will find live bands in some of the best pubs in the world. Follow the Lee Sessions, a continuous stream of traditional Irish music gigs in various venues throughout the city. Cork is fast becoming a food capital. There are three Michelin star restaurants in Cork. The Greenhouse, Restaurant Chesnut and Japanese eatery Ichigo Ichie. The English market, a covered food market, sells a vast array of fresh seafood, local produce and artisan cheeses. The Jazz festival, Midsummer festival and World Book Fest are calendar highlights. As is the IndieCork, a festival devoted to independent film and music.

Sports and Recreation

Sports are important in Cork. Traditional Irish sports such as Gaelic football and hurling are as popular as ever. You can watch the matches at the Pairc Ui Chaoimh and Pairc Ui Rinn. Rugby Union and cricket are also played here. If you enjoy horse racing and show jumping you shouldn't miss the annual Millstreet horse show. The beautiful natural landscape offers many possibilities for recreation. Hiking, running and watersports such as rowing and sailing are very popular with residents living in Cork.


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