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Cost of Living in Ireland

Living in Ireland has drawn expats from all over the world, attracted by career opportunities and increased quality of life. One of the things you need to consider if you’re thinking of working in Ireland is your living costs. Housing, food, utilities, transportation and healthcare are all items that you need to budget for. The average cost of living in Ireland varies depending on your personal needs, lifestyle, and where you decide to live. The cost of living in Galway can be 24% cheaper than in Dublin. Ireland is known for being a costly place to live. It is the 2nd most expensive city in Europe. Still, expats are typically supported by high salaries in Ireland that enable them to enjoy a high standard of living. Consumer price index websites like estimate the average total cost for a single person living in Dublin at around €2750 per month. 

Housing and Utilities

The cost of housing in Ireland continues to rise year on year. This is due to an ever-increasing demand outweighing the availability of accommodation in the big cities. Living outside the city centre is far cheaper, and many people decide to accept longer commutes in exchange for considerable financial savings. An 85m² apartment, outside of the city centre will cost around €1500 in Dublin. Accommodation is one factor which dramatically effects the cost of living in Ireland. The cost of living in Limerick is far cheaper, for example, with the same apartment costing less than €800 per month.  Utility rates are usually consistent between cities. You can expect electricity, water, heating and waste disposal charges to be on average €147 per month for a medium-sized apartment. There are many different suppliers on the market so it can be worth shopping around.

Food and Entertainment

Over a quarter of the cost of living in Ireland comes from food. Prices differ, depending on which supermarket you choose. German chain stores like Lidl and Aldi are all over Ireland and offer quality products at discount prices. Irish and British grocery stores like Dunnes, Tesco, and Supervalu have slightly higher prices but a broader range. A litre of milk costs around €1 and a loaf of bread €1.50. Eating out in Ireland can be on the pricey side, a dinner for 2 in a mid-range restaurant with a couple of drinks will cost around €60. Ireland levies high taxes on alcohol, the 2nd highest in the EU. A pint of beer in a Dublin pub will set you back €5. It is undoubtedly cheaper to stick to healthier forms of entertainment, like the gym. A membership at a sports school starts at a very reasonable €19.  

Day to Day Costs

Every resident in Ireland is entitled to free public healthcare. Still, many choose private health insurance to give them shorter waiting times and private facilities. Health insurance can cost anything between €500 and €2000 a year. Without it, you must pay €60 each time you visit your GP and then the cost of any drugs they prescribe. Transportation costs are a factor when choosing where to live. Can you use public transport, or will you need a car? This is another example where the cost of living in Limerick is so much less than in Dublin. A bus pass in the capital costs €120 per month, but only €75 in Limerick. Sometimes a car works out more convenient. Running a small to medium-sized car should cost around €250 a month including road tax, insurance and fuel, at the time of press petrol was selling at €1.44 a litre.

Cost of Living Ireland – Mundialz

The cost of living in Galway or Limerick may seem expensive, but it's not all bad news. Those with children will be pleased to hear that schools are free, and education is one of the best in the world. The government also pay monthly child benefit of €135 per child to help with family costs. Income tax in Ireland is also relatively low, so you should find the costs quite manageable.

Mundialz wants to help you to find the next step in your career, wherever you choose to live. We will be here to offer you guidance at every stage of the relocation process.

Start your Irish adventure today and search exciting vacancies here.

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