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Healthcare in Ireland

Healthcare in Ireland is funded primarily through taxation. Private health insurance is not compulsory, and there is no need to sign up to public healthcare in Ireland. All residents that live in Ireland or intend to live in Ireland for more than one year are entitled to instant access to treatment. 37% of the population qualifies for free healthcare, but those on higher incomes will need to pay for some services. GP visits, hospital stays, and prescription charges can cost up to €800 per year. Many aspects of healthcare in Ireland remain free. Maternity care, children's health, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy all fall under the public health system in Ireland. Public hospitals are overstretched and waiting times to see specialists or for surgery can be prolonged. The majority of the Irish public take out private insurance to give access to higher quality service and shorter waiting lists.

Private Health insurance in Ireland

Private insurance companies such as Irish Life Health offer a wide range of policies covering public or private hospitals. They provide dental cover and other wellness packages. Health insurance in Ireland can be expensive, but it gives peace of mind, avoiding long waiting lists and ensuring aftercare and operational procedures take place in high-tech, modern hospitals. Many companies in Ireland offer their employees cheaper insurance through a group scheme as part of their benefits package. Check with your employer to see if they have any workplace plans or use the HIA comparison tool to find the right policy for you. All four private health insurance providers, including Irish Life Health, are registered with the Health Insurance Authority. Before buying private insurance, you should consider your needs and priorities. What cover do you need and how much excess are you willing to pay? You can change your provider at any time.

Doctors in Ireland

GPs or family doctors are located all over Ireland. Some in individual practise and some in multidisciplinary clinics. The best way to choose a doctor is to ask your colleagues, friends, or neighbours for recommendations. It is standard practice in Ireland to meet a prospective doctor before deciding whether to register with him. GP surgery hours are typically from 8.30 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays. Some doctors will operate an on-call service where they will visit your home 24 hours a day. You must call for an appointment in advance with your doctor, you cannot just walk in, but most will see you the same day. Doctor appointments will cost you around €60 with an additional €10 charge for a prescription or a medical note. Your medicines will cost even more. Some private health insurance schemes will refund these costs and may offer additional services such as online consultations.

Dentists in Ireland

There are excellent dentists throughout Ireland. Most are in private practice as the public healthcare in Ireland doesn’t extend to dentistry, except in the case of children. Children see a school dentist for free once a year until they are 16. To find a dentist, ask for personal recommendations or search online for dental surgeons in your area. You shop around as fees can vary considerably between cities, particularly for extensive repair work. It may be wise to obtain a quotation before having any ‘expensive’ treatment. A general check-up should cost you an average of €45, fillings upwards of €70. Some private medical insurers cover dental procedures, check your policy if you are expecting to have large bills. Some expats can find that it is cheaper to fly to their home countries to undertake expensive dental treatments.

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