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Medical Insurance Ireland

Ireland boasts an inclusive public health system, with government subsidised care for almost everyone in the country. However, the system is highly complex. Healthcare is a two-tier system in Ireland. Every resident pays for public healthcare through their taxes, and as such everyone has instant access to the public health system. This does not mean it’s all free though. Many services must be paid for at the point of access. Visiting your doctor, calling an ambulance, and staying in a hospital will leave most people out of pocket. There is an annual cap on the charges, so bankruptcy is unlikely. Even so, most people, 60%, opt to take out private health insurance, the most in Europe, to ensure they get the best level of care and the shortest waiting times.

Public Healthcare Ireland

In Ireland, universal healthcare does not really exist. Everyone living in Ireland is not eligible for free healthcare. Free healthcare in Ireland is only for those who qualify for the Medical Card scheme. People on a low income or social welfare are awarded a medical card entitling them to free doctor visits, medicines, dentistry and optical services. Those on slightly higher income may qualify for the GP visit card, which only covers doctor visits. If you don’t qualify for a Medical Card or a GP Visit Card, you'll have to pay for doctor appointments and hospital stays, although not for A&E if you have a referral. The public system includes surgery, but waiting times are long. There’s no need to rush to get medical insurance in Ireland as soon as you move to Ireland. You will automatically get access to the public system just by being resident.

Private Insurance Ireland

The public health system means that private health insurance is not an absolute necessity, but most people choose it for peace of mind. Private medical insurance in Ireland ensures you will get some of your costs refunded, and you may have considerably shorter waiting times for hospital treatments. The government subsidises fees, but they can soon add up. GP visits cost around €60, a trip to A&E €100 and hospitals stays are €80 per night. Without insurance, you would also have to pay for prescription drugs, although if you sign up to the Drugs Payment scheme, they’ll never cost more than €144 per month. Private medical insurance in Ireland offers a choice of premiums and deductibles. The cheapest policies can be around €430 per year, but the average plan is €1,925 per year. Most private schemes won’t cover 100% of all bills. There will always be extra expenses.

Medical Insurers Ireland

Only four private medical insurance companies are operating in Ireland, and the state's regulator controls all of them. Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare, VHI Healthcare and HSF. VHI, Laya and HSF also offer a cash plan where you receive a fixed refund for medical expenses. Because they provide significantly less coverage than full medical insurance in Ireland, cash plans can cost as little as around €135 per year. Premiums may go up if you have pre-existing conditions and insurers can refuse to provide you with cover. Many companies have collective agreements with health insurance companies such as VHI offering substantial discounts on the premiums. You should check with your employer before applying for medical insurance in Ireland as some may include it as part of their benefits package.

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