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Moving to Ireland


The immigration process in Ireland is much more open and simple than in many other countries. For citizens of EEA countries or Switzerland, it is as simple as deciding ‘I want to live in Ireland’ and hopping on a plane. An EU citizen moving to Ireland does not need a work permit or a visa and will enjoy all the same rights as an Irish citizen as soon as they arrive.

For highly skilled Non-European residents the process is simple. You will need both a visa to allow you to visit for more than 3 months and a work permit to allow you to work. You can apply online for a visa costing around €60 at the Department of Justice and Equality. Once you have found a job, you or your employer must apply for a work permit at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. This costs between €500 and €1000. You can apply for either a Critical Skills Employment Permit or a General Skills Permit depending on the criteria. Once you start working you can bring your family and after 5 years you can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.


As an EU citizen you can stay in Ireland for up to 90 days, as long as you have a valid passport. After that, you need to prove that you have a job and can support yourself. It’s a good idea to register with your country’s embassy so they have a record of your date of entry. You will need to apply for a PPS (personal public service) number as soon as you arrive. This will allow you to be paid and access public services such as healthcare and education.

Non-EU citizens must register at the Immigration Bureau as soon as they arrive in Ireland. In Dublin, you can register at the Garda National Immigration Bureau, and outside of Dublin, you can register at your local Garda District Headquarters. A certificate of registration costs around €300.


When you’re moving to Ireland don’t forget to bring all your documentation with you. Passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment records and references. You may need to have your qualifications recognised, you can check at the NARIC, Ireland Foreign Qualification Database. You may also need to have your documents translated and certified. As an EU citizen, you can drive on your existing driving license for 12 months, after which you will need to exchange it for an Irish license. Non-EU residents will have to apply for an international driving license. Don’t forget they drive on the left!

You will need to open a bank account as soon as possible so you can be paid and pay for accommodation. You may need a letter from your employer if you do not have an address yet.

Finding accommodation

Whether you choose to rent or buy in Ireland you will find a range of properties at various prices. Property sharing is common in big cities where rental prices are high. You could consider living outside of the big cities to reduce costs, public transport is usually quite good. Rental accommodation is generally furnished with a lease of 6 to 12 months, minimum. Check whether amenities such as water and electricity are included. There will usually be a security deposit against breach of contract. Ireland has strong tenant's protection so check your rights to avoid difficulties.

Buying a home can be cheaper in the long term but you will need a permanent contract to get a mortgage from a bank. Be sure to get a surveyor to check the property for structural defects as the seller is not obligated to inform you.


The question of how much does it cost to move to Ireland is a difficult one to answer but it is good to have a little saved to make things easier. Mundialz can help you with these and other questions when you decide that moving to Galway or moving to Limerick is the next step on your career path. Mundialz will make relocating to Ireland for work as smooth as possible.

Find the ideal job and start your new life today!

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