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Housing in Ireland

Finding somewhere to live is the most complex and time-consuming part of moving to Ireland. Should you rent an apartment or invest in a house? Expats usually decide to rent, at least in the beginning. It’s flexible, you can suss out the area and decide where you want to live long term. Despite rising house prices, it’s still a good time to buy. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying houses in Ireland. If you have a deposit and a permanent contract, you are likely to get a mortgage. Mortgages tend to be cheaper than rents but come with the added responsibilities of a homeowner. Decide where to live and what type of property suits your lifestyle. Are you moving to Galway and want a city centre apartment? Or would you prefer to live outside of town in the peaceful countryside? A good real estate agent can help you through the process and find you somewhere to call home.


House prices in the centre of big cities, such as Dublin, can be astronomical. Which is why moving to Limerick and other smaller cities are gaining in popularity. Many people are deciding to accept longer commutes to work in exchange for considerable financial savings. Living outside of town can get you a bigger house, in a rural area, with a sense of community. If you have children, you should check out the local schools as many schools have a ‘catchment area’ and won’t accept pupils from outside.  You should consider your commute times; public transport links and your lifestyle needs when moving to Ireland. Also, check the parking options available, as city apartments often do not include an allocated parking spot.


Expats moving to Ireland will find plenty of comfortable and reasonably priced property types. The standard of properties in Ireland varies on what area you decide to live in. In the city, it tends to be apartments or smaller terraced houses. Out in the suburbs, you will find many semi-detached properties and, in the country,, you are likely to find larger free-standing houses. Rental apartments tend to come furnished with basic items like beds, sofas etc. It is also possible to find studio apartments for single people or flat sharing is an option. You might want to consider a short stay apartment or a B&B, so you have time to look around and consider your options.

Changing address

When you’re moving to Ireland you need to inform certain people of your change of address. You need to inform the revenue office for tax purposes. It is not compulsory to change the address on your driver’s licence, but it can be a good idea. You should inform the utility companies that you are the new occupier. Take photographs of any meter readings in case there is any confusion later. Tell your insurance companies. Health insurance, life insurance etc. Get your telephone, broadband and tv connected and make sure you have a tv license for your new address.

Housing in Ireland – Mundialz

Mundialz understands how stressful moving to Ireland can be. Finding houses in Ireland can be challenging. We’re your one-stop shop for information and advice. We can help you decide where to live and what bureaucratic hoops you need to jump through to get there. Then you can start to settle into your new life and your new career!

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