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Renting in Ireland

Once you’ve obtained the ideal job in Ireland, your next step is to find accommodation? Should I rent a house in Ireland or is it better to bite the bullet and buy? Is it easy to find houses to rent in Galway, or is it better to look at apartments to rent in Galway? What’s the best way to start looking and how much is the average apartment to rent in Limerick? All these questions must be swimming around your head and probably a million more. More expats choose to rent rather than buy in Ireland and as such the demand can be high. The advantage over buying is the flexibility it offers you. If you’re not sure how long you’re staying, then renting is low commitment and low responsibility.

Where to live?

First, you should decide where you want to live. Consider the proximity to your workplace. How are you going to get to work? By car or by public transport? The further out of the city centre: the cheaper rents. You should take transport costs and times into account. If you have children, its best to find a school and search for properties within its catchment area. Think about your lifestyle. Would you prefer to be close to bars and shops, or in the peaceful countryside? Rental properties vary in size and type. In the city, there are more apartments for rent in Ireland and larger houses in the surrounding villages. When looking for houses to rent in Galway, you could look at villages such as Killaloe or Adare. It is a good idea to take a short-term rental initially, then you can assess the area and make the right choice.

The Search

You can search for properties online through various websites. Websites such as, and allow you to filter your search according to your needs. Consider what you need from your rent house Ireland. How many bedrooms? Bath or shower? Do you need a parking space? Parking is often not included in city centre apartments. If you want to save money, you could think about flat sharing. has many flat sharing advertisements. You can also find apartments for rent in Limerick advertised on notice boards in supermarkets. Join local expat groups on social media, many rent houses in Ireland are advertised here first and you can ask advice on the best areas to live. A real estate agent can do all this work for you and can give you great advice. For a fee of course! Expect this to be around one month’s rent.

The Costs

Most apartments for rent in Ireland will be furnished, meaning they contain beds, sofas and kitchen equipment. Rent houses in Ireland are usually paid for monthly, in advance and you will have to pay a security deposit against any damages. Utilities in Ireland can include electricity or gas, water, waste, TV, parking and the internet. These are usually the tenant’s responsibility, but sometimes apartments for rent in Galway include a fixed monthly fee. Check the average monthly costs are within your budget. The average rent for an 85m2 apartment for rent in Galway is between €1000 and €1300 per month. Comparable houses for rent in Limerick are between €900 and €1000, whereas in Cork you should expect to pay €1000-€1400.

The Contract

Once you have found a rent house in Ireland, you should move quickly. Properties are in such demand that they are being snapped up on the first viewing. Have all your documentation with you and be prepared to pay the deposit straight away. You will need your ID, proof of income/contract, employer references and, if possible, references from previous landlords. Rental contracts come in two forms. Fixed term contracts, whereby you and the landlord decide how long the contract is for. Neither party can end the contract before the end date. Periodic tenancies are more flexible. You pay per month and can end the contract with a notice period. According to the residential tenancy act in 2004, landlords cannot force you to leave a property against your will before a 4-year minimum.

The Pitfalls

Try not to spend more than 30% of your net income on rent. Read your contract carefully. Check whether it includes utilities and/or parking. Inspect the property in person and take photos of any damages.  Read the inventory and check who is responsible for repairs or replacements. Unscrupulous landlords are rare, but it is good to make sure your back is covered. If you have problems with your landlord, you can contact the RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) who will be able to help. When you register your address with the municipality, you will receive a personal identification number for your property. Keep this number safe, you will need it in any disputes. There are many online scams for rent houses in Ireland and they tend to target expats. Do not hand over any cash until you have seen a property in person, signed a contract and are given the keys.

Renting in Ireland – Mundialz

Searching for accommodation is probably the most important part of moving abroad. Mundialz is here to give you support and advice during the relocation process. We are a community of professionals who have been through the process and we know what you need. So, start searching for your perfect job and a new home today.

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