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Irish passport

The Irish passport is one of the top ten most powerful passports in the world. It allows you access to 170 countries worldwide without a visa. An Irish passport makes you an EU citizen. Meaning you are free to travel, live and work in all the 28 (27 post Brexit) EU member states. The Irish passport is one of the most coveted passports in the world with thousands of disgruntled US and UK citizens applying to become Irish through any means necessary. It will entitle you to vote in Irish elections and stand for election should you wish. If you have lived in Ireland for 5 years and have fallen in love with the country, then why not make it your permanent home.

Irish Passport Requirements

There are various ways to obtain an Irish passport. If you were born in the country before 2005, you are entitled to automatic citizenship. If your parents are Irish, you are automatically an Irish citizen and can apply for an Irish passport. If either of your grandparents is/were Irish, you might be entitled to Irish citizenship. You just need to register your birth with the foreign births register.

You can become an Irish citizen through naturalisation if you are married to an Irish citizen for at least 3 years and have lived in Ireland for 3 out of the last 5 years. The most common way for an expat to become an Irish citizen is through naturalisation. You must have lived in Ireland for 5 out of the last 9 years.   

Dual nationality

It is possible to get dual nationality in Ireland. You can obtain an Irish passport and retain your existing passport. This depends on the regulations in your own country. Some countries will not allow dual nationality. Having an Irish passport will not excuse you from the obligations you have to your original citizenship. National service for example.

Irish passport Application

If you qualify, you can apply for Irish citizenship at the Citizenship Application Department of the Ireland Naturalisation and Immigration Service. You need your birth certificate, passport and residence permits. You need to prove how long you have been resident in Ireland. As a non-EU citizen, you have residence stamps. As an EU citizen, you don’t have a residency stamp so you can prove it with payslips, bank statements, domestic bills etc. You will be subject to a criminal check to prove you are of good character and you will have to declare your allegiance to the state. In most cases, you need to prove that you are self-supporting financially. The initial costs for citizenship application are €175 and then a further €950 when you are issued a certificate of citizenship. You are then free to submit an Irish passport application which costs €80. 


Mundialz is here to help you find your dream job and then navigate the bureaucracy of relocation. If you decide to make the emerald isle your permanent home and become an Irish citizen, we will be here to guide you through the challenges of moving to Ireland.


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