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PPS number Ireland

PPS number

When you intend to stay in Ireland for longer than 3 months, you need to register your residence with the authorities. This is compulsory for all residents, even EU citizens. You must register for a personal public service number (PPS) immediately after you arrive. This will enable you to access essential public services and organisations.

What is a PPS number?

A PPS number is a number consisting of 7 digits followed by 2 letters. Irish citizens are allocated a number at birth. It allows public organisations to identify you. It is a unique reference number that allows you to access social welfare benefits and public services. You will be issued a physical public services card which can serve as photo ID in Ireland. It will also be printed on your medical card, your payslips and tax forms. The PPS number Ireland is mandatory for all residents, including children. Without one, you cannot be paid, open a bank account, get health insurance, rent a house or pay taxes.

How do I get a PPS number?

You apply for a personal public service number in person at the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP). You need to apply for an appointment as soon as you arrive in the country or beforehand, online. First, you need to register with so you can make an online appointment. You only need an email address to do this. Then you can make a physical appointment on You will need a current valid passport and proof of address in Ireland. If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need your residency permit. Your address can be a temporary one, your employer can probably help you with this. Evidence of an address can be from utility bills, official letters, tenancy agreement or confirmation of address from a hotel owner or a friend that you’re staying with etc.

Good to know

Getting a PPS number Ireland is free! They will take your photograph for you at the interview and it will take around 1 week to process. When you change your address in Ireland, you need to notify the DEASP in writing, giving your name, PPS number, old and new address and evidence of your new address such as a utility bill. They will then update your record.

Registration in Ireland – Mundialz

When you move to Ireland, there are a million and one things to think about. Housing, health insurance, PPS numbers! That’s why we have tried to lay it all out for you step by step. You should be concentrating on your career and not stressing out over tedious bureaucracy. Mundialz is here to be your personal support system during what will be the adventure of a lifetime.


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