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Work permit Ireland

EU Citizens

If you are from an EU member state, the EEA or Switzerland, you are entitled to live and work in Ireland. You do not need an Ireland work permit. Your family can come to live with you. If your spouse or civil partner is from a non-EEA country, they must apply for permission to stay under EU Treaty Rights. You are entitled to the same rights as an Irish citizen when you apply for a job in Ireland. You are free to apply for any job vacancy, including jobs in the public sector. These include the Irish army and the Irish police force (An Garda Síochána). You cannot join the Irish diplomatic service. There is a system of qualification recognition between the EEA countries.

Non-EEA Citizens

Most non-EEA citizens will need to apply for a work permit Ireland in order to be allowed to take up employment. These are subject to strict criteria. The type of employment permit you will require varies according to the type of job you are going to undertake and its salary. There are 9 types of employment permit, but the main 2 types are general and critical skills. These replace the old work permit and green card systems.

General Employment Permit

The General Employment Permit is available for any job which pays over €30,000. The employer must fulfil a labour market test. They must prove that they tried to find an Irish or EU citizen to fill the vacancy and were unable. The employer or the employee can apply via the department of business, enterprise and innovation ( You can apply online before you travel to Ireland. The costs are €500 for a 6-month work permit Ireland or €1000 for 2 years. After 2 years you can reapply for a further 3 years. After 5 years of full employment, you can apply for long term residence at the INIS (Ireland Naturalisation and Immigration service). The process can take up to 28 days to complete. You may need to have your documentation translated; you can contact the Irish embassy for help with this.

Irish immigration – Critical Skills Employment Permit

Because of the skills shortage in Ireland, the authorities have made it easier to get a work permit Ireland, if you are highly qualified or experienced in certain professions. These include scientists, engineers, ICT experts and healthcare professionals. If your new job pays more than €60,000, you automatically qualify for the critical skills permit, regardless of your occupation. If your job is on the highly skilled occupations list, then you only need to earn €30,000. This permit is not subject to a labour market test. This permit can only be issued if you are offered a contract for at least 2 years.

If for some reason you lose your job, you can stay in Ireland for 6 months in order to look for new employment.

Dependant Partner/Spouse Employment Permit

If you are in possession of a Critical Skills employment permit, your spouse/partner does not require a work permit Ireland in order to work in Ireland. If you have a General Employment Permit, your spouse will need to apply for their own independent work permit Ireland.

Irish Immigration – Mundialz

Once you’ve found your dream job, you can start the complex process of relocation. At Mundialz we understand the stress that moving abroad can entail. We aim to be your guide along the way. Read our pages on living in Ireland and moving to Ireland to find out more information about how to get a work permit in Ireland.

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