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Vacancies in Ireland

Ireland is an attractive choice for many expats looking to work in an English speaking country with great employment opportunities. The technology sector is booming and there is a skill shortage for engineers, especially biomedical and computer engineers. Work in charming cities surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Come and enjoy the craic and take a job in Ireland, the emerald isle.


The medical technology industry is very strong and providing many jobs in Ireland for foreigners. Multinational giants such as Boston Scientific and Cook Medical are pioneers in the design and development of minimally invasive medical devices and are looking for innovative engineers to join their team. Irish company Creganna in Galway is in the top 3 of medical device manufacturers and has many opportunities for jobs in Ireland. Integer, also in Galway, is a top outsource manufacturer for the leading MedTech companies.

Work at the cutting edge of MedTech in companies in Ireland.

Work environment

Working in Ireland can offer a great balance between an exciting work environment and a relaxed lifestyle. Before accepting a job in Ireland you probably have many questions about the business culture and salary expectations. Read our advice pages for more information. You should also check out our pages on working in Galway, Cork and Limerick to find out what these cities have to offer ambitious engineers.

Read more about working in Ireland.


So you’ve found a job in Ireland. Now what? The relocation process is filled with questions. What are the immigration requirements? Do I need a visa or a work permit? Can my family come with me? Will there be affordable accommodation available? Should I buy or rent a property? Could I even get a mortgage in Ireland? Check out our comprehensive information pages and learn the dos and don’ts before you move to Ireland.

Discover how easy it is to move to Ireland.


The Irish culture and lifestyle is a real draw for many expats looking to find a job in Ireland. The Irish are known for their sense of humour and love of fun. Their lifestyle is relaxed and they love the great outdoors. Read our pages on Living in Galway, Cork and Limerick to see what kinds of activities you could expect if you moved here. We can help with the practicalities of life also. Health insurance, tax can be confusing when moving to a new country. How do you even open a bank account? What is the average cost of living? We can advise you on all the ins and outs of living in Ireland.

Find out about living in Ireland.


Mundialz is your one-stop shop for all the information you need before taking a job in Ireland. We have connections to all the top companies in Ireland and we’re sure you will find your dream job in the ideal location. Then we can offer you advice and support during the relocation process.

Browse exciting Irish job opportunities today!

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