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Companies in Ireland

The strong economy and low corporate taxes have long drawn big international companies to Ireland. The country is fast becoming a hub for high tech companies with massive investment in research and development. There is a skill shortage for electrical and computer engineers, software programmers and data analysts. Biomedical engineering is strong in Ireland with the world’s largest medical device companies being based here. Ireland offers opportunities for ambitious talented individuals with an adventurous spirit. Why not take the plunge and grow your career in the Emerald Isle!

Boston Scientific, Galway

Boston Scientific in Galway is the world’s leading developer of medical devices. They design, manufacture and distribute minimally invasive medical devices which change the lives of patients all over the world. Operating out of Galway and Cork they produce a large portfolio of cutting edge devices specialising in Cardio and endoscopy products. If you want to work at the frontier of biomedical science then Boston Scientific can provide the perfect opportunity for you.

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Cook Medical, Cork

Cook Medical has facilities in Cork and Limerick. They are the largest privately owned medical device company in the world. They produce minimally invasive equipment which reduces the need for dangerous and costly surgery in vascular patients worldwide. Cook Medical care about people and are committed to their patients, customers and employees. If you’re an ambitious individual and you want to make a real difference then a career at Cook Medical will be a great start.

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Integer, Galway

Integer design and manufacture medical instruments and power sources for the healthcare market. They are one of the biggest outsource suppliers of medical devices in the world. Integer specialise in embedded power sources for medical instruments such as pacemakers, changing the lives of heart patients everywhere. They also deliver state of the art power solutions for the non-medical market where reliability and quality are key. Their batteries are used in harsh conditions such as earthquake zones and the bottom of the ocean. Integer is always searching for skilled engineers to join their team.

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Creganna, Galway

Creganna is one of the top 3 manufactures of MedTech in the world. They supply outsourced products for all the leading medical device companies. They specialise in the volume production of MedTech making scientific breakthroughs become a commercial reality. Creganna is a true Irish company as they started in Galway 30 years ago. They have the most advanced laboratory facilities in the business and can produce state of the art catheters and precision guide wires. If you’re looking to further your career working with top scientists and engineers then Creganna is for you.

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Liebherr Container Cranes, Limerick

Liebherr Container Cranes are an Irish company with over 50-years’ experience. They produce professional equipment for container management at modern port facilities. They make ship to shore and stacker cranes that are efficient, economic and able to handle the demands of a busy container port. Liebherr Container cranes are always on the hunt for engineers with a passion for technology.

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Once you’ve found the perfect job, Mundialz is here to help you through the relocation process. Check out our living in Galway and living in Limerick pages for more information about moving to Ireland. We’re your one-stop shop for information and support when you decide to live in Ireland.


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