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Boston Scientific Galway

About Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is a leading manufacturer of medical devices used in various specialties such as cardiology, endoscopy, and urology. They are a global company operating in 40 different countries, spread over 6 continents. It has headquarters in the US, France and Singapore. Manufacturing operations take place mainly at Boston Scientific Galway, Ireland, California, South America, and Malaysia. They employ over 29,000 employees worldwide and are expanding into new markets every year. Their sales continue to grow at a steady 7% with over $9 billion annual revenue (2017). They are constantly looking to diversify their portfolio. In 2017, they launched 100 new products which improved the outcomes for over 25 million patients.

History and Mission

In 1979, John Abele and Peter Nicholas shared a vision of starting a company to benefit public health. They wanted to bring cheaper diagnostic and treatment solutions to as many people as possible. They created products that would change the face of interventional medicine. One of their most notable discoveries is the Taxus Stent in 2003. This is a revolutionary drug-eluting stent, made to hold open clogged arteries in patients with coronary heart disease.

Deeply committed to research, they invest over $1 billion in developing new products every year. Their research into microelectronic technologies, for example, has improved the quality of life of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain.

Career Sectors

Research and Development

Top scientists and technical experts work in R&D to develop new products and improve existing ones. In the clinical sector, They have access to state of the art equipment and have the most advanced laboratories in the business. Their Institutes for Advancing Science in locations across the globe train medical professionals in the use of their cutting edge products and procedures


The largest global manufacturing plant, Boston Scientific Galway, develops, makes and distributes key product lines. They manufacture 3 million life-saving devices every year and ship worldwide. Boston Scientific Cork develops and manufactures a diverse portfolio of innovative medical devices. From catheters and inflation devices to atherectomy devices. It is said that one of their products improves a  life every 6 minutes. The pursuit of excellence continues at Boston Scientific Ireland, Clonmel where they improve the quality and performance of rhythm management products such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

Information Systems

Data and computer engineering is at the forefront of medical research. At Boston Scientific, the IT team is key to the most innovative breakthroughs. Your expertise in computer engineering and data science could be vital to knowledge sharing needed to improve research, manufacturing and distribution systems.

Employee Experience

They believe in listening to their employees. They have a brave company ethos which knows the greatest ideas come from the bottom up. They believe strongly in personal development and encourage growth through training and rewarding success. Its employees report good levels of satisfaction regarding culture and development. They enjoy the positive, egalitarian environment and the company perks such as gym facilities, free parking and themed sporting events. Previous employees have been happy with the focus on experience sharing and training opportunities.


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial and biomedical. Boston Scientific is looking for highly skilled individuals to join its team.

If you want to work in a company that is fueled by innovation, believes in collaboration and encourages growth, then a Boston Scientific job could be the perfect fit.

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