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Cook Medical Limerick

About Cook Medical

Cook Medical is the largest privately held medical equipment company in the world. With revenue of over $2 billion, Cook Medical employs over 12,000 people worldwide. They provide medical devices to over 135 countries. They have developed customized products for medical professionals in gastroenterology, urology, cardiology, gynaecology and so much more. They are truly pioneers in minimally invasive medical technology. Making it possible to avoid major surgery, reducing the cost of healthcare and ensuring better patient outcomes.

History and Mission

In 1963, Bill Cook and Dr. Charles Dotter started a company to supply minimally invasive medical equipment. Their first products were catheters, needles and guides. These, they packaged together, making it more convenient for physicians. This attitude to solving complex problems with simple solutions is what made Cook Medical become the world's largest private medical device company. Cook Medical believe in people, they believe patients come first. They want to make a difference in the world, to improve the quality of people’s lives. This company makes products as though they were for someone they love. People are key. The employees who work there, the physicians who use their products and the patients who benefit from the products. Cook Medical is constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Ensuring the sustainability of resources to minimising the impact of their distribution chain.

Career Sectors


Vascular surgery is racing to find the least invasive procedures to reduce trauma and improve outcomes in patients suffering from vascular diseases. With the development of interventional radiology, diagnosis and treatment are now minimally invasive. Cook Medical is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of equipment used during aortic intervention and peripheral management. At Cook Medical Limerick, Biomedical engineers, chemical engineers and experts in computer engineering are vital to the continued improvement of new and existing products.


The field of Medical Surgery devices is exciting, fast-paced and innovative. Cook Medical Limerick is focused on gastroenterology, peripheral vascular intervention and urology. They design and produce medical surgery equipment and devices which improve the quality of people’s lives. They employ 800 people on their site in the National Technology Park. It is said to be the global hub for R&D within the company where they envisage, design and manufacture life-changing devices.

Employee Experience

There are opportunities for scientists, engineers, data experts and much more, all over the world. They are looking for ambitious individuals, who strive for excellence and who really care about people. People who want to collaborate with others, who act with respect and are dedicated to improvement. In exchange they can offer you exciting opportunities to travel, they will support your continued education and have excellent employee benefits. Cook Medical believes in inclusiveness. No matter what your disability or protected class, if you’re brilliant, there is a place for you. Previous employees report a positive, familial atmosphere with great social events and activities. The work-life balance is said to be very good, flexible with good leave provisions. They have a well thought of mentoring program and the opportunities for ongoing education and training are numerous.

Cook Medical Jobs

Mundialz can help you with finding the perfect Cook Medical job for your skill set. We can also help you relocate to your chosen destination as smoothly as possible. Everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips. We can give you information on living in Limerick, working in Limerick or tips on the business culture in Ireland. Once you’re here we will offer personal support to get you settled within the community.

Search for open positions at Cook Medical Limerick and other locations in Europe.

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