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Creganna Medical Galway

About Creganna

Creganna is one of the top 3 manufactures of minimally invasive medical devices on the planet. They provide outsourced manufacturing for the leading MedTech brands. Specialising in catheter production they provide solutions for volume manufacturing. In this way, their customer’s ideas are made a commercial reality. They facilitate their customers in getting their products to market, cheaper, faster and more efficiently. They also design, develop and deliver their own products which are improving patient outcomes worldwide. Creganna operates in 4 continents. With a global footprint of 600,000, they employ over 2500 staff. They have facilities in California, Minnesota, Singapore and Ireland. Their Headquarters are in Galway, Ireland where they have 800 staff.

History and Mission

Creganna was founded in Galway, Ireland in 1979 as an outsourced engineering solutions provider. In 1998 they decided to focus on medical device production and through a series of acquisitions, they became one of the leading outsourced providers of MedTech. In 2012 they acquired AB medical and took over production of their unique Smartform™ balloon technology. With the takeover of Precision Wire Components, they became the largest fabricator of MI delivery and access devices worldwide.

Career Sectors

Research and Development

High-level scientists and technical experts work in R&D to develop new products and improve existing ones. They have access to state of the art equipment and have the most advanced laboratories in the business. They operate a centre of excellence at Creganna Galway where they specialise in vascular medicine, transcatheter heart devices, catheter electrophysiology and electrosurgery. R&D engineers, biomedical engineers and experts in computer and electrical engineering will find a host of opportunities within this sector.

Volume manufacturing

Creganna prides itself in providing large scale volume manufacturing for the giants of medical device technology. They optimise the production process and make products commercially viable. Computer and electrical engineers are needed here and also mechanical engineers can use their skills to model new, more efficient processes.Quality Testing

The rigorous testing of medical devices and their components is of the utmost importance. The company prides themselves on their high standards of production. Quality engineers and safety engineers are constantly needed to maintain the necessary industry criteria.

Employee Experience

The team is everything at Creganna. It is a real family atmosphere in Galway, with some employees working there for over 20 years. Previous employees report a positive atmosphere where self-development is encouraged. There is tremendous scope for internal promotional opportunities including international movement. There is great exposure for young professionals who will be able to work with a variety of technologies and procedures. The work-life balance in Galway is thought to be very good with management being sensitive to the social needs of their employees.


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