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Integer Galway

About Integer

Integer designs and develops medical instruments and power solutions for the healthcare market and non-medical industries. They are one of the largest medical devices outsource suppliers in the world. They specialise in the cardio, neuromodulation, vascular and portable medical markets. They produce products that provide life-changing results to patients the world over. The company continues to provide strong financial results with annual revenue standing at $1.4billion with growth of 7%. They employ 9800 employees in 30 countries.

History and mission

From the merge of three trailblazers of the technical industry, Integer was formed. For 80 years Greatbatch, Lake Region Medical and Electrochem built a legacy of developing innovative medical devices and power solutions. Due to this magic collaboration, they have capabilities that are unmatched. Their aim is to be the partner of choice for Medical Technology companies. To save, improve and protect lives. Integer is Latin for complete, whole or comprehensive. It symbolises the new dimension of the three companies, now that they are combined.


Power Solutions

The company is continually working on developing new ways to power medical devices of all Classes. Producing batteries that enable pacemakers to be embedded, changing the lives of millions of heart patients. They work together with their partners to design and realise battery packs and charging stations for a full range of medical instruments such as AEDs and hearing devices. Computer and Electrical engineers are indispensable in the invention and manufacturing process.

Cardiac Rhythm Management & Neuromodulation

They use its 60 years of expertise to deliver state-of-the-art solutions with the highest quality and dependability. Implantable medical devices such as cochlear implants and pacemakers. They deliver end to end expertise in all aspects of production from the leads and therapy components to the device enclosures. Research and Development is never ending as the strive for excellence continues. If scientists can think it, Integer can make it.

Cardio & Vascular

Integer is at the forefront of innovation in the production of interventional cardiac and endovascular devices. They are the leading supplier for diagnostic guidewires and catheter delivery systems. Lake Region at Integer Galway specialises in the precision grinding, coiling and wire processing necessary to produce these groundbreaking products.


Superior quality, reliability and innovation are part of the DNA of Electrochem, part of the Integer group. They are the leading provider of commercial battery solutions. Working in harsh environments with high energy demand where losing power could mean losing lives. They empower earthquake research, military operations and oceanographic systems. Their team of skilled chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers are pushing the limits of what batteries can do in critical conditions.

Employee Experience

Integrity comes from the Latin word integer meaning whole or comprehensive and integrity is key to the values the company stands for. They have a strict code of conduct which promises trust, communication and responsibility between employees and employer. Previous employees, at Lake Region Integer Galway, report a dynamic environment with wide exposure to a variety of products. They say the R&D and DALabs are well equipped with state of the art instruments. They praise the work-life balance and flexibility around vacation times. There are excellent facilities including a canteen and they practice good social responsibilities with ties to local charities and organisations. There is a culture of teamwork and training and education are promised within the code of conduct.


If you want to be part of a team that transforms lives then join Integer. Let Mundialz make the relocation as stress-free as possible. We are your one-stop shop for information and support during your transition process. We will get you connected with the local community around Integer so that you can settle in and start to enjoy your new adventure, living in Galway.

Check out the possibilities now!

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