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Liebherr County Kerry

About Liebherr

Liebherr is a Swiss company, originating from Germany, now operating out of more than 50 countries worldwide. Their largest facilities are in Germany, Australia, Britain, Ireland, Turkey, and the US. Liebherr comprises of 130 smaller companies specialising in 11 different sectors including cranes, mining, concrete, aerospace, transport, construction machinery, tools, and domestic appliances. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of cranes and produce the most powerful and tallest container crane on the planet. Capable of lifting over 3000 tonnes! They are extremely successful, with annual revenue of €10.5 billion, in 2018. The company employs a total workforce of over 46,000 people, internationally. 800 of them are based at the plant in Killarney, Co Kerry. Since 1958, Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd has been working out of Killarney and the port of Fenit producing ship-to-shore container cranes, rubber-tired and rail-mounted stacker cranes.

History and Mission

Hans Liebherr founded the company in Germany in 1949. After the end of World War II, Germany was undergoing massive reconstruction. Liebherr recognised the need for cranes that could be transported easily and efficiently. Together with a team of engineers, they started developing the first tower cranes. Liebherr’s eye was always on the future, and he was quick to respond to market needs and diversify his product range. They quickly expanded into aircraft components, construction machines and vehicles. This spirit of innovation and diversity remains an essential part of their modern-day business model. Through variation, they are immune to economic fluctuations in single industries, and maintain steady growth and viability. Still a family managed company, Liebherr can reinvest a large portion of its profits into R&D. They continue to explore the technologies of the future such as 3D printing an actual aeroplane!

Technology Sectors


Based out of Killarney, Co Kerry Ireland, Liebherr is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile cranes and telescopic truck-mounted cranes. Their long booms and enormous load capacities make them indispensable for use in the fire service, construction industry and the military. Ship-to-shore container cranes from Killarney are used in more than 100 ports throughout the world. Their maritime cranes are used for cargo handling, shipping, and in offshore applications.


Liebherr-Aerospace designs, manufactures and services many sectors of the aerospace industry. Aircraft flight control and actuation systems, landing gear, air management systems, onboard electronics, as well as gears and gearboxes. They are developing the technologies of the future which will make air travel safer, more economical, and better for the environment.


Liebherr produces an extensive range of construction machinery. As well as tower, lattice boom and mobile cranes, the program includes various earth-moving equipment such as hydraulic excavators, crawler tractors and dumper trucks. They also supply drilling rigs for underground engineering

Employee experience

Working at Liebherr is more than just a job. This company has been family owned and managed for over 70 years. The family feel extends all the way to the shop floor. Employees report an atmosphere of team spirit, open communication and collaboration. Their main core values are passion, innovation and freedom. They expect their employees to show as much passion for the products as they do. The pared-down management means that the hierarchy is quite horizontal, allowing innovation to thrive. The company believes in long term relationships with their customers and their workforce. Many of the employees work there for decades. This is encouraged through continuous development, with 60 training programs and the ability to grow within the company. Liebherr has been voted one of the top 100 employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and continues to be the first choice for many graduating engineering students.

Liebherr – Mundialz

Working for Liebherr could open a world of opportunity to an ambitious and talented engineer. Choosing a job is one thing but moving abroad is another. At Mundialz, we hope to break down the barriers stopping you from taking that step. We are building a community of expats who have been there, done that, got the T-shirt! They can give you personal advice on moving to Ireland, working in Ireland and much more.


Take the challenge and explore jobs at Liebherr today!

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