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Working in Ireland

Working in Ireland is a smart choice for many engineers. With plenty of jobs in Ireland, there are many reasons for living in Ireland as an expat. Ireland is one of the 10 richest countries in the world and its standard of living is very high. The living costs can be steep but salaries can match it. The level of tax is generally low, with a standard rate of only 20%. The Irish are a nation that value family life and as such the work-life balance is very important here. The maximum hours you can work in a week is 48 but is likely to be much less. There are 4 weeks’ vacation per year and 9 public holidays, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore this fascinating island filled with culture and history.

Expat Opportunities

Ireland has the youngest population in Europe making it a forward-thinking country with great prospects for the future. The Irish are very sociable in nature and their attitude to foreigners is very welcoming. In fact, of the 5 million residents, 1/8th are foreign-born. Irish or Gaelic is the official first language but English is more widely spoken so you will find no language barrier when it comes to finding Irish jobs or getting around. The healthcare and education systems are top notch and mostly free. EU citizens can move here freely, work and enjoy all the same benefits as Irish citizens. Expats from non-EU countries will need to apply for a visa and work permit and will find it easier if they have valuable sought after skills. Read more about the business culture in Ireland here.

Business Connections

The Celtic Tiger may have subsided but the economy remains robust and with the low corporation taxes, Ireland is now perceived as a magnet for international investment. Big tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook all have their HQs here and giants of the MedTech and the pharma world also base their research and manufacturing in Ireland. Medical device company Boston Scientific has facilities in Cork and Galway. Their main competitors, Cook Medical, in Galway and Limerick. Ireland has a world-class school system raising a highly educated workforce to support the growing industry. The future looks bright for Ireland and its economy.

Career Prospects

The economy in Ireland grew 3 times faster than any other EU country last year and its unemployment rate stands at a 10 year low of 6%. The IT sector, in particular, is growing exponentially causing a massive skill shortage for computer engineers, software programmers and data analysts. Ireland is Europe’s answer to Silicone Valley and is attracting investment from all over the world. In the post-Brexit world, Ireland will become the only English speaking EU country and as such is expected to attract many UK based international companies to relocate there.


If you’re considering searching for jobs in Ireland you should check out our information pages on living in Ireland and moving to Ireland. At Mundialz we can provide you with all the support you need to let you jumpstart your career.

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