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Working in Cork

There are hundreds of opportunities for jobs in Cork, Irelands 2nd largest city. Situated on the south coast, its location has always ensured its prosperity as a hub of industry. Its economy is now

dominated by IT, R&D, Pharma and MedTech. It is a dynamic, cosmopolitan area which has seen exceptional economic growth in recent years. Cork is a bustling, lively city, yet surprisingly compact. It is no wonder thousands of expats have chosen to make their home in the dramatic landscape of Cork county.

Expat Opportunities

Of Cork’s 120,000 residents, 10% are from an international background. The friendly, welcoming community is very multicultural and inclusive. Over 150 international companies are located in Cork including giants such as Apple and Amazon. Cork is home to big pharmaceutical conglomerates Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson bolstering the city's reputation for scientific breakthroughs. Boston Scientific, the world leading medical device supplier provides hundreds of jobs in Cork. The facility employs 890 engineers and professionals in its renowned R&D and manufacturing centre. Expats have praised living in Cork for the outward focus of the community here and the good work-life balance the Irish are proud of.

Business Connections

Cork has 2 universities and many highly regarded research centres ensuring its reputation as a technology hub. The University College of Cork was ranked in the top 2% of institutions in the world because of its research output. The Cork Institute of Technology is home to 450 researchers and bolsters the cities long history of innovative collaboration between academia and industry. Cork is a good mix of global companies and cutting edge start-up technology. Pharmaceutical companies are mostly situated in the Little Island and Ringaskiddy districts with the medical device manufacturer, Boston Scientific, being located at the Model Farm Business Park 10 minutes from the city centre.

Career Prospects

Cork is hot on the tail of Dublin in terms of economic growth. The employment rate is healthy with lots of jobs in Cork being generated by the MedTech industry. Boston Scientific is the 9th biggest employer in the region and provides opportunities for engineers to work in an inspiring environment where they can make a real difference to patient's lives.


There are so many reasons to consider living in Ireland. With hundreds of jobs in Cork to search through you're sure to find the ideal match for your skills. Mundiaz will provide all, the information and personal support you need to get you settled into working in Cork. We get you connected with the local community so you can start to enjoy your new life as soon as possible.

Search jobs in Cork today!

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