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Working in Galway

Working in Galway is becoming an attractive prospect for expats seeking to expand their career in one of the fastest evolving cities in the world. If Dublin is the new silicon valley then Galway is their San Francisco. Its welcoming attitude and progressive spirit are attracting companies from all over. It is the largest hub of science and technology outside of the capital with a special focus on Medical Device companies. As well as the modern urban centre, Galway is set in one of the most stunning landscapes in Ireland, the Connemara. If you want to work in a city that doesn’t feel like a concrete jungle then you should consider jobs in Galway.

Expat Opportunities

Galway is becoming international in flavour. Of its population of 80,000 over 20% are said to be expat. This is partly due to the international students of the two tech universities, NUI and Galway-Mayo IoT. As a result, the city has a young and vibrant feel. The Celtic tiger economy caused the industry to boom, causing an influx of knowledge workers to fill the gaps in the organisations. The city has a cluster of MedTech giants in the city with Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Creganna and Integer all having facilities here. Those expats working in the ICT industry are also spoilt for choice with 4 out of 5 of the top IT companies. IBM, SAP, Oracle and Cisco are located here. Galway has been voted as the most friendly city in the world and their inclusive, open-minded and young attitude makes it an inspiring place to work in Ireland.

Business connections

The top centres for healthcare are the Ballybrit Business Park which is home to Boston Scientific, one of the top employers in the region. The medical device industry is also represented by Creganna in the Parkmore West business and technology park, just 4 miles outside of the city. The medical cluster is serviced by strong links to the universities.  The research centre INSIGHT at NUI ensures a skilled labour pool, fueling the success of Boston Scientific and Medtronic, the growth of supplier firms such as Integer and inspiring new start-ups. Fundamentally, Galway is a college town, full of brilliant, independently-minded and intellectually-curious people.

Career Prospects

The employment prospects in Galway are very healthy with the scientific and tech companies expanding rapidly. 15% of employment in the city comes from technology. The city has an international reputation for R&D providing opportunities for engineers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 8333 tech professionals are employed by the vibrant ecosystem of MedTech which has a special focus on the production of coronary devices. The economy is predicted to enjoy a new boost with UK companies looking to relocate their facilities post-Brexit. Who knows what the future will bring but the future looks bright working in Ireland.


Choosing to live in Ireland as an expat can be daunting but that’s where Mundialz can help. We make the transition as smooth as possible by providing you with all the information and support you need. We have connections to expat organisations which will help get you settled into the local community. Then you can relax and concentrate on your career.

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