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Working in Limerick

With its great location in the mid-west of Ireland, Limerick is a long-established and proven location for international business. Already a science and technology hub, the city is pouring investment into the area making it a region on the rise. The town has a famously high standard of living with lower than average housing prices and higher than average salaries. Jobs in Limerick are plenty, with opportunities in the pharma, IT and MedTech industries. All of this makes it an exciting time to think about living and working in Limerick.

Expat Opportunities

Due to its location and accessibility, Limerick has always attracted large international companies. Living here is ideal if you are looking for jobs in Limerick in the IT sector. Vodaphone, Dell and Microsoft are some of the largest employers in the region. The city is known for its connection with science and technology. The three prestigious academic institutions, University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology and St Mary Immaculate College collaborate with local business and ensure the future for sci-tech in the region is bright. Massive investment in the city is causing many of the high tech companies to relocate here, attracting talented expats. Large pharmaceutical companies such as Regeneron are located here. The MedTech industry is booming in the region with Cook Medical Limerick. Expats are welcomed with open arms. They report high levels of satisfaction and emphasise the work-life balance.

Business Connections

The main hub of technology in the city can be found at the National Technology Park. Over 3000 professionals are employed here at 80 companies. Cook Medical is the largest and employs 800 people at its Limerick facility. It is a global hub for R&D within the company where they envisage, design and manufacture life-changing devices. There are hundreds of jobs in Limerick for motivated and ambitious engineers. The University of Limerick has an award-winning science foundation and a software research centre, Lero. This means the professional network of sci-tech individuals is thriving in Limerick. Due to this atmosphere, the startup industry is booming in this smart innovative region.

Career prospects

The rapid expansion of business in the area is reflected in the high rate of employment. The area is a hotspot for engineering jobs of all disciplines. The Limerick 2030 project will see an investment injection of €1 billion into infrastructure and enterprise. This will result in an increase in inspiring jobs in Limerick. Post-Brexit, Limerick is set to be one of the most competitive English speaking EU regions as many international companies choose to relocate here. Who knows what is on the horizon for this future-focused region.


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