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Salaries in Ireland

About salaries

We all know money does not buy happiness, but it is still an essential factor when you're deciding whether to make a move abroad. It can be challenging to calculate as it depends on so many different factors.

Factors to consider 

You need to look at your salary projection and consider your costs like tax, education, and accommodation before you know whether to move to Ireland. Ireland performs well in many respects of well-being and ranks above average in salaries. The cost of living in Ireland varies widely from city to city, and the wages reflect this. You can expect to earn €10,000 a year more in Dublin than in Galway, for example. Your salary will depend on your job title, age, qualifications and experience, of course, and can vary from company to company. A salary calculator Ireland like can give you a good idea of what you can ask from a prospective employer.

Net Salary Calculator Ireland

Companies in Ireland usually state salaries as an annual gross sum. The total you earn before tax. Income tax in Ireland is relatively low and progressive with the first €33,800 being taxed at 20% and earnings after that at 40%. There is also the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) and the Universal Social Charge (USC) which applies to most salaries. You can use a net salary calculator Ireland such as to show your annual and monthly earnings after tax deductions. Expats usually earn relatively high wages in Ireland, especially in high demand professions such as engineering. Employers often include additional benefit programs such as pensions, health insurance and profit-sharing schemes, so make sure to take everything into consideration.

Average Income in Ireland

There is some debate over what the average salary is in Ireland. The gap between the mean and the median can be broad. This is because the mean figure is skewed by a small number of very high earners. The median average is a more realistic figure to show what most people earn. The median average income in Ireland is around €30,000 per year. Expats thinking of working in Ireland can expect higher than average salaries as their skills are in high demand. A junior engineer with limited experience could expect a starting salary of €37,000, while a mechanical engineer with 5 years experience could expect between €45 and 50K. A project manager in charge of a team could earn in the range of €95K. When it comes to salary negotiations, make sure to check a salary calculator Ireland like to give you a guide.

Minimum Salary Ireland

Since the introduction of the National Minimum wage Act 2000, Ireland has ensured its workers are paid a minimum amount. For adults over 20, this is €1574 per month or €10.10 per hour. This makes Ireland 8th in the International Labour Organisation Statistics. Workers in professions that are in high demand can earn far more than the minimum of course. A newly qualified mechanical engineer could expect a starting salary as high as €27,000.

Salaries in Ireland – Mundialz

Mundialz understands that the decision to work abroad is one that comes with many questions. We will stay with you throughout the process and aim to give you personal support and guidance all the way. Let us give you a boost in your international career.

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