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Traveling from home

Travel from home

Are you wondering what you can do in your free time while you are stuck at home because of COVID? There are many things you can do, but here is a short list of ways to visit a country and enjoy a piece from it, while being at home.

Van Gogh Museum Netherlands

Vincent Van Gogh. An artist whose pieces deserve everybody time and attention. This is why given the current situation the Van Gogh Museum, situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands decided to bring the art, stories and something more to the visitors. There is no need to visit Amsterdam anymore in order to visit the museum. It is now coming to wherever you are in the world. 

You can now take a look at the masterpieces, read Vincent’s mind by having an access to his letters, take a look inside of the museum and way more. You won’t be concerned about getting bored again. Do have children and you want to keep them busy as well? The museum offers downloading free colouring pages of the famous masterpieces so your whole family will have fun and be busy at the same time!

Dublin Zoo

Are you an animal lover and you love visiting the zoo wherever you go! Have you ever visited the Dublin Zoo in Ireland? If not, now you have the possibility to do so! The zoo now offers live cams through which people can watch the elephants, penguins and the African Savannah. Every noon you can join the penguins for lunch. Exciting right?

Urban Sports Club

Did you also have a dynamic routine and now everything is upside down since you are home? Are you considering working out from home but you don’t find the right motivation? There are many ways to start training from home and be healthy nowadays: e-books, personal training guides or watching videos. Here is our suggestion, Urban Sports Club is a club where you can practice many sports in Germany many other European countries. Currently they also offer the option to attend classes from home. However, if you don’t feel dedicated enough for a subscription, you can still keep it fit. Just search for exercises that catch your eye and try them now! If not now, when?

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