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Mechatronics careers in The Netherlands

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Mundialz is currently looking for talented mechatronical educated engineers for two unique opportunities in global leading hightech area Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Two prominent and innovation drive companies in Eindhoven have opened up spots for mechatronical engineers in the following two positions:

Mechanical Install Engineer 

  • Your background: Bachelor Mechatronics and Experience between 0-2 years. 
  • Your j​​​​​ob mission: To install leading edge lithographic systems, at the customer site, within specifications, on time, with quality exceeding the customers’ expectations

Test Technician EUV factory

  • Your background: Bachelor Mechatronics and Experience between 0-2 years. 
  • Your job mission: Adjusting and testing ASML products and solving problems which may occur whilst maintaining the planned delivery times and quality.

Our offer

  • Dutch employment contract;
  • Good competitive salary conditions;
  • We support your relocation to the Netherlands including working permit, social security registration;
  • A personal development program and introduction to our large expat community with several social events a year.

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